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Central African Republic: Analysis of a regional conflict

Chad, CAR, boat, conflict, Chauvin
Jean Jaurès Emmanuel Chauvin, a teacher-researcher at Toulouse University, has highlighted the causes of a regional crisis through a scientific study on the war in the Central African Republic and its regionalization with Chad. He questions the type of tools which need to be deployed in response to these situations.
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Saint-Martin: The challenges of after

Saint-Martin, Irma hurricane, property damage
In the aftermath of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma on 6 September 2017, the island is starting its reconstruction and is conducting reflection on a more sustainable economic model. AFD, with its partners, is seeking to provide new responses which will, for example, reduce vulnerabilities.
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Minka Fund: Resources for peace and resilience doubled

Mali, jeunes filles, Dicko
AFD’s new instrument to address crisis situations has been officially presented on this 13 June, but is already being deployed in the field. Its resources have been doubled. The Minka fund is financed by the Financial Transaction Tax and symbolizes our enhanced commitment to supporting peace and resilience in the most difficult contexts.
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Crisis and conflict response: “Building the social contract of tomorrow ”

Kids, syrian refugees, Lebanon
To provide a more effective response to numerous and multifaceted crises, AFD is promoting a new approach with the aim of taking their root causes into account and taking action collectively over the short, medium and long term. An integrated and “hyper-partnership” approach. Charles Tellier, Director of AFD’s Crisis Prevention and Post-Conflict Recovery Division, explains this new way of working and its tools.
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