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  • Partenariats mondiaux
AFD has been operating in the country since 1942 and is celebrating with Senegal the longest partnership in its history in Africa. A wonderful exhibition held in Dakar this July pays tribute to the women and men who transform Senegal on a daily basis.
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French Overseas Territories
Thanks to the values which it conveys - participation, respect, tolerance - sport brings in its wake education, health, gender equality and employment. Sport is increasingly asserting itself as a valuable cross-cutting tool to confront the major challenges of education and social cohesion in developing countries.
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To mark World Environment Day on June 5th, we take you to the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. With 147 species of mammals and more than 500 bird species, this huge territory is the setting for an ambitious project linking economic development and biodiversity conservation.
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Democratic Republic of the Congo
The implementation of a project to evaluate AFD’s actions mobilizes extensive resources. An example with a scientific evaluation of the health and socioeconomic impacts of drinking water networks in Kinshasa, the sprawling and resilient capital of a fragile State.
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Thanks to the emergence of the financial technologies sector – fintech – and mobile phones in Africa, these devices have become real service delivery platforms. One example is JUMO, a start-up which opens access to credit and savings in real time via smartphones.
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Côte d'Ivoire
The green and beautiful Mé region, located in the south-east of Côte d'Ivoire, is emblematic of rampant incremental deforestation. Helped by GeoPoppy software, an environmental conservation project attempts to break the cycle.

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Latin America and the Caribbean
Santa Catarina
Since 2012, the Water and Sanitation Company of Santa Catarina (CASAN) has been implementing an ambitious project to improve the treatment of wastewater from cities in the interior of the State in southern Brazil. The initiative is reaching 200,000 people and offers a whole host of benefits, as it contributes to preserving the environment, reducing health expenditure and developing the tourism heritage.
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