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Three South African photographers illustrate the personal and professional journeys of three entrepreneurs living and working in Cape Town’s historically disadvantaged areas, formerly known as 'townships'. The photographs document how the entrepreneurs have overcome persistent inequalities to realise their passions, sustain themselves and their families, and ultimately bring change in their communities.
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A dilapidated drinking and waste water network represents a threat to the population and the environment. In Mwanza, on the banks of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, most of the inhabitants of the country’s second-largest city have experienced the chronic epidemics transmitted by waste water that stagnates until the rainy season, when it is washed down to the lake. Those days are over, however, thanks to a new kind of sanitary blocks.
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Thanks to an ambitious nationwide programme, AFD and the European Union are supporting the regeneration of many forgotten neighbourhoods in Tunisia. As well as providing basic services, the scheme creates social ties by facilitating the emergence of social and cultural venues and actions run by local communities themselves. It also creates jobs, thanks to the construction of premises for industrial activities.
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In Githurai, a disadvantaged neighborhood in the Nairobi suburbs, expectant mothers did not have access to affordable care near their homes until now. The St. John Hospital, a private family clinic founded thanks to the will of a couple, currently provides affordable care and continues to develop the quality of services offered, thanks to credit access.
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A dairy product company near Istanbul has deicded to hire more women and organize awareness-raising workshops for staff to raise awareness around gender stereotypes. This pilot project, supported by AFD, is a real success: there has been a sharp increase in the number of women employees and a corresponding reduction in prejudices.
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In 2014, the Togolese Ministry of Education launched an ambitious program to improve learning conditions for pupils in secondary education. The system, launched with AFD’s support, provides better facilities and improved teacher training. There are also extensive efforts to sensitize communities to the importance of schooling, especially for girls.
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In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, some 40% of residents live in shanty towns. Families in these deprived neighborhoods are often not connected to the electricity grid. The NGO Entrepreneurs of the World is offering an innovative solution of solar kits which provide reliable, sustainable and affordable access to electricity, while developing social ties between users.
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