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5 Challenges for Employment in Developing Countries

5 défis pour l'emploi dans les pays en développement
Between mass unemployment, poor working conditions, wage gaps, discrimination and other concerns, finding a job can be a challenge, and having one does not guarantee decent living conditions, particularly in low-income countries. There are 5 primary challenges that must be met to improve this situation and move toward decent employment for everyone.
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The Amount Global GDP Would Increase By If Women Had the Same Economic Opportunities as Men

At greater risk of unemployment. Paid less for doing the equivalent job. More likely to work in the informal economy. Despite the great progress that has been made in recent decades, when it comes to employment, women still face many forms of discrimination. Despite this, they represent a key source of growth, particularly in developing countries.
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Share of national wealth theoretically allotted by donor countries to official development assistance

Official Development Assistance, AFD
0.7% is the share of gross national income (GNI) that the world’s richest countries should allocate to official development assistance (ODA) each year. Although the target was set 50 years ago, only a few countries have ever met it. Following the release of the global ODA figures for 2018, we take a look at the origins of a figure that is central to international solidarity mechanisms.
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