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AFD International Conference: There Is Nothing Inevitable About Inequalities

Conférence inégalités, Goulard
Inequalities have been increasing and threatening the social link since the 1980s. Development actors are aware of the scale they have reached and have now made them one of the pillars of their actions. The community of researchers is on the front line and gathered in Paris on 7 December at the initiative of AFD and the European Union to provide diagnostics, but also to put forward concrete solutions.
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Seven Good Reasons to (Finally!) Fight Inequalities

photo couv
Between rich and poor, men and women, city dwellers and rural inhabitants, citizens and foreigners… Inequalities among individuals continue to grow around the world, in both developing and developed countries. This leads to negative effects on growth, well-being, and crime rates. The United Nations has made the struggle against inequalities one of their Sustainable Development Goals: here are seven good reasons to give ourselves the means to fight them.
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COP24: “We need more climate ambition…”

photo couv
The UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) will be held from December 2 to 14 in Katowice, Poland. It will be an important step between the Paris conference (COP21) and the one to be held in 2020, when the countries will have to revise their climate commitments upwards. What should we expect from COP24? Timothée Ourbak, climate change specialist at Agence Française de Développement, gives us a rundown, below.
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COP14 Biodiversity: "Paving the way for pro-nature finance"

batracien, biodiversité, nature
The 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is being held in Sharm-el-Sheikh, in Egypt, from 13 to 29 November 2018. For Gilles Kleitz, Director of the Ecological Transition and Natural Resources Department at AFD, it is an important milestone for the preparation of a comprehensive agreement on biodiversity in 2020, which will finally lead to better account being taken of natural capital and ecosystems in the global economy.
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Paris Peace Forum: "Global governance must evolve."

photo couv
Promoting peace: that’s the objective of this first Paris Peace Forum bringing together heads of state, local elected officials, international organizations, NGOs, and enterprises, from November 11 to 13. Here, Hélène N’Garnim-Ganga, Head of the Political and Citizenship Transition Department at Agence Française de Développement (AFD), explains to us how this forum is the occasion to mobilize these actors to reach more effective global governance.
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Tahiti Women’s Forum: Women entrepreneurs play a key role in the new Pacific model

Tahiti Women Forum
The second edition of the Tahiti Women’s Forum, organized in Papeete in mid-October, focused on the corporate and social responsibility of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. This awareness-raising is essential among women entrepreneurs, who are growing in number in the economic landscape of the Pacific.
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In the meanders of Lake Chad

Lac Tchad, Christian Seignobos
The exhibition “Lake Chad: Uncontrollable territory, daily life under control” is setting up shop in N’Djaména from 27 November to mid-December. The combined work of the photojournalist Pascal Maitre and the geographer-cartoonist Christian Seignobos highlights how various populations adapt to a complex and changing geography, on the edge of several troubled areas at the border between Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon.
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