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Siège de l'AFD à Paris

What AFD can bring you

Joining AFD means giving a meaning to your profession, your expertise, your life and your commitment. It means joining an organization where financial activity is not an end in itself. It is indeed the means to have a positive, beneficial and sustainable impact. Joining AFD means building a common world which leaves no one behind.

Joining AFD also means deciding to work in a stimulating, inclusive and multicultural environment, with highly enthusiastic teams and in a friendly atmosphere. 

Finally, joining AFD means acquiring new skills for your career plan and personal fulfillment, and thereby giving new impetus to your career.

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Integrating disability

AFD is committed to the vocational integration of people with disabilities. It has strengthened this commitment by signing an agreement based on four areas:

  • The recruitment of new employees with disabilities.
  • The retention in employment of people with disabilities by implementing measures to adapt the workstation.
  • Training for people with disabilities, ensuring their employability throughout their career.
  • Communication and awareness-raising on the issue of disability for all managers and employees.
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AFD attaches great importance to the quality of its recruitments. We have adopted a process for this purpose, which allows candidates to check their suitability in terms of the company and whether they can actually see themselves working for it.

AFD ensures that candidates are attuned to its core values (sense of commitment, open-mindedness, rich career paths) and AFD Group's ethics. We pay close attention to ensuring that the main principles of non-discrimination are respected. Our recruitment policy is based on equal treatment (consider each candidate in the same way according to objective and independent criteria) and equal opportunities (recognize each individual in order to capitalize on individual differences). 

AFD encourages the integration of disabled workers, recruits young and senior professionals, and promotes gender equality.

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Publish the 23 Feb 2019

AFD's activity Report 2016

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