Street in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories
As part of an agreement between AFD and the City of Paris, Bethlehem is going to benefit from the French capital's experience to rethink its transportation policy. The outcome should put an end to an unbearable situation.

Getting around in Bethlehem today is quite a feat. You must suffer not only traffic jams and a shortage of public transportation, but also widespread illegal parking. More than ever, especially with tourism booming, the city needs to create a more effective and sustainable transportation offer and preserve its urban heritage.

The financing agreement signed last 26 April between AFD and the City of Paris should get things moving. Among other things, Bethlehem will benefit from French know-how to define its "Transports and Mobility Blueprint."

Traffic in Bethlehem is really very, very difficult nowadays! We're really counting on this partnership to make traffic less congested and to make it simpler to get about…. In short, to make our everyday life easier.

The partnership provides for:

  • a survey to take exact stock of mobility in Bethlehem;
  • an analysis of transport organization and of investments made;
  • a plan for action and institutional reinforcement;
  • technical assistance for its implementation;
  • visits to Paris, so that the Palestinian teams can take advantage of French experience in the area.

The financing agreement between AFD and the City of Paris amounts to 246,000 euros. It is the first to be established between the two partners within the framework of the FICOL approach.