Building a World in Common

Our Fields of Action

Building a fairer and more sustainable world – a world in common that leaves no one behind – implies six major transitions, both here and over there, in the social, energy, territorial, digital, civic and economic spheres. And achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depends on succeeding in these transitions. To do so, we must respect the particularities of each country and the diversity of development choices, but at the same time intensify collective action, exchanges and partnerships in order to build solutions together that benefit all.
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our fields of action, Medellin, Colombie
citizens, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, buildings

Demographic and Social Transition

How to insure the well-being of 8.5 billion people, the projected 2030 global population? A challenge for demographic and social transitions. They place humanity at the heart of any society’s planning, help to build cohesiveness, and promote social link.

energy, electricity pilone, Vietnam, Argos

Energy Transition

1.2 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity. This problem of access impacts the health and education of populations and affects economic competitiveness by inhibiting development in these countries.
In order to promote the fairest and most sustainable lifestyles and production methods, AFD supports its partners in their energy transition through different forms of funding, and adapted technical support.

territorial and ecological transition, Jodhpur, India

Territorial and Ecological Transition

How can we develop infrastructures, the local economy, and access to essential services while protecting natural capital and improving social cohesion? That is the challenge facing local authorities in every territory.

our fields of action, Digital and Technological transition

Digital and Technological Transition

Digital technologies and innovation renew the options for access to essential services, open up societies to new knowledge and make the economy more collaborative.
Because technological innovation is a factor of wealth creation and enables new solutions to be designed in favour of sustainable development, AFD is supporting its partners in their digital and technological transition. 

rassemblement, amphithéâtre, illustration transition politique et citoyenne

Political and Civic Transition

The growing involvement of citizens in public life, boosted by social networks, reflects the need to reinvent more inclusive and participatory governance models. 

Sri Lanka Ville de Colombo

Economic and Financial Transition

To access shared prosperity, ensure a continuous increase in income, create employment opportunities, guarantee macroeconomic stability, and meet the essential needs of the population, all economic players must contribute.