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Evaluation document

Evaluation of the CIS Energy 2012-2016

The consortium EY-ECONOLER has been commissioned by the Evaluation and Knowledge Capitalisation (EVA) unit of the French Development Agency (AFD) in order to evaluate its Sectoral Intervention Framework (called CIS ̶ ...
Feb 2018
Research document

Energy Efficiency Retrofitting of Buildings Challenges and MethodsResearch Program in Hubei Province, China

Energy efficiency retrofitting of existing buildings was long ignored by public authorities who favored energy efficiency policies in new buildings, which are easier to implement. It has now become indispensable ...
Sep 2012
Research document

The environmental challenges faced by a Chinese oil company in Chad 

L’essor des investissements chinois en Afrique s‘accompagne d‘inquiétudes, qui concernent notamment leurs impacts écologiques dans les pays hôtes. Mais les principes et la mise en œ...
Nov 2012
Research document

Renewable Energy in the Pacific Islands: an overview and exemplary projects

More largely, in the context of the fight against climate change, the subject of renewable energies takes on considerable importance. A large number of island States in the Pacific zone ...
Oct 2014
Research document

Energy Efficiency Policies in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Most papers dealing with energy efficiency policies focus on the policies and measures implemented in OECD countries and this may lead one to think that only the “rich” countries are ...
Apr 2013
Institutional document

Brochure AFD and Speed up the energy transition in Africa

In 2014, Africa accounted for 16% of the world’s population, less than 6% of energy consumption and 3% of greenhouse gas emissions. With an average annual economic growth rate of 4.5% over the past ...
Mar 2016
Institutional document

Brochure AFD and energy transition in island territories

In the energy sector, island states and France’s overseas territories have a number of common characteristics that are specific to isolated systems: absence of local fossil resources, high cost ...
Jul 2015