Forests and Biodiversity

Préserver et restaurer les écosystèmes terrestres, en veillant à les exploiter de façon durable, gérer durablement les forêts, lutter contre la désertification, enrayer et inverser le processus de dégradation des sols et mettre fin à l’appauvrissement de la biodiversité
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Evaluation document

Agroecology: Evaluation of 15 Years of AFD Support

Cette évaluation externe mesure et apprécie les interventions soutenues par l’AFD et les démarches d‘apprentissage au niveau de chaque projet et du dispositif dans son ensemble; ...
Oct 2014
Evaluation document

Ex Post Written and Audiovisual Evaluation of the Limpopo National Park Development Project

The Limpopo National Park (LNP) is one of the largest parks in Mozambique. It covers 11,230 km 2 (an area the size of Ile-de-France) and is part of a larger transfrontier park ...
Sep 2016
Evaluation document

The forest sector in countries of the Congo Basin: 20 years of AFD Intervention

The concept of sustainable forest management emerged at the Earth Summit held in Rio in 1992. It entails the conservation and enhancement, for the welfare of present and future generations, of ...
May 2012
Research document

The environmental challenges faced by a Chinese oil company in Chad 

L’essor des investissements chinois en Afrique s‘accompagne d‘inquiétudes, qui concernent notamment leurs impacts écologiques dans les pays hôtes. Mais les principes et la mise en œ...
Nov 2012
Research document

Agriculture, Forests and Climate Change: Can Labelling Play a Part?

In the 2009 summit in Copenhagen, the international community agreed to mitigate climate change by assuring that global temperature will not increase more than 2°C between the pre-industrial period (1850) and 2100. The 2015 ...
Jul 2015
Research document

Atolls and climate change: Strengthening resilience

At just a few meters above the waves, the atolls or low-lying coral islands surrounding a lagoon are one of the areas the most exposed to the many consequences of ...
Nov 2016
Research document

Exploring Environmental Complementarity between Types of Protected Areas in Kenya

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has clearly demonstrated that all the Earth‘s ecosystems have now been dramatically transformed through human actions. The resulting biodiversity loss is undermining the provision of ...
Apr 2014

What is a sustainable agriculture sector?

In developing countries, many farmers live in poverty. How can the situation be reversed? Is it possible to give priority to environmentally friendly agricultural practices while allowing everyone to earn ...
Feb 2016

Beyond the maps

Through several interviews, this film shows how the African scientific community has appropriated technology to sustainably manage logging in forests, to the benefit of the people living in the Congo ...
May 2015