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Des partenariats efficaces entre les gouvernements, le secteur privé et la société civile sont nécessaire pour programme de développement durable réussi. Ces partenariats inclusifs construits sur des principes et des valeurs, une vision commune et des objectifs communs qui placent les peuples et la planète au centre, sont nécessaires au niveau mondial, régional, national et local.
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Evaluation document

Evaluation of French development aid in Vietnam (2005-2015)

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), the Directorate General of the Treasury (DG Trésor) and the French Development Agency (AFD) have requested an evaluation of French development ...
May 2018
Evaluation document

Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Contributions to Social Change - Meaningfully measuring international solidarity and decentralized cooperation

There are many actors in the field of international solidarity and decentralized development cooperation who seek to orient or contribute to "social change". While they agree that social change cannot ...
Feb 2016
Evaluation document

Sectoral aid in practice

Since the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, developing countries and donors have increasingly favoured the development of sectoral aid, which represents a substantially different approach from the way aid was ...
Dec 2009
Evaluation document

Fostering Impact Evaluation at the Agence Française de Développement: a process of building in-house ownership and capacities

In 2006, the Evaluation Unit of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) was incorporated into the Research Department in order to integrate a research strand into the work of ...
Dec 2007
Research document

How can the international donor community assist developing countries in taxation?

Low-income countries face substantial tax policy challenges arising from tax avoidance techniques that for many years have been used routinely by multinational companies. This policy brief explores how the international ...
Jun 2018
Research document

Philanthropic Foundations in Asia: Insights from Singapore, Myanmar and China

This study looks at an emerging trend in which wealthy families, individuals, and corporations in Asia set up foundations to institutionalise their giving. This giving is motivated by a myriad ...
Oct 2017
Research document

Assisting Developing Countries in Taxation after the OECD’s BEPS Reports: A Suggested Approach for the International Donor Community

This paper explores how the international donor community might most productively offer technical assistance to developing countries in the area of taxation, in light of the recently completed study of "...
Jun 2017
Research document

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Political Economy of Randomised Evaluations in Development

Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) have a narrow scope, restricted to basic intervention schemes. Experimental designs also display specific biases and political uses when implemented in the real world. Despite these ...
May 2017
Institutional document

Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations : Strategy 2018-2023

This Strategy reflects the French Government’s priorities aimed at strengthening partnerships with civil society organizations (CSOs) and increasing the share of official development assistance (ODA) channeled through them, in ...
May 2018
Institutional document

Brochure AFD and capacity development support

In the poorest countries, the weak capacities of project initiators, both public (ministries, local authorities) and private (banks, local companies, professional organizations), are often the first barriers to rapid, sustainable ...
Dec 2015

Mekong: the challenges of common management

The Mekong River is a common good and its fairly-shared management can be a source of peace and development. This delta is one the biggest water reservoirs in the world ...
Mar 2018