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Research document

Energy Efficiency Policies in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Most papers dealing with energy efficiency policies focus on the policies and measures implemented in OECD countries and this may lead one to think that only the “rich” countries are ...
Apr 2013
Research document

Methods for the Economic Valuation of Urban Heritage: A Sustainability-based Approach

Today, development actors see urban heritage as a resource for their territory, which is why they need to define its economic value. This evaluation is a delicate exercise as such ...
Oct 2012
Research document

High Returns, Low Attention, Slow Implementation: The Policy Paradoxes of India‘s Clean Energy Development

L'Inde déclare mener une transition profonde vers une électricité faible en carbone, en doublant ses efforts dans les domaines des énergies renouvelables et de l'efficacité énergétique. Force est ...
Jul 2012