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Research document

Characterizing and analyzing urban dynamics in Bogota

Containing crime without affecting the livability of the urban environment is a major challenge in our society. Traditionally, researchers relate crime to socio-economic disorganization and people’s routine activity, as ...
Jun 2017
Research document

Mining in Africa : Are Local Communities Better Off?

This study focuses on the local and regional impact of large-scale gold mining in Africa in the context of a mineral boom in the region since 2000. It contributes to filling ...
Jan 2017
Research document

Water from the heights, water from the grassroots: the Governance of common dynamics and public services in La Paz-El Alto

As in many large cities, the now prevailing technical model for producing and distributing water in La Paz and El Alto is that of a centralized network serving the whole ...
Jun 2016
Research document

Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited: The African Context

The investment requirements to achieve the United Nations’ universal electricity access goal by 2030 are estimated at 640 billion US Dollars. The assumption underlying this goal is that electrification contributes to poverty ...
Dec 2015

Luang Prabang: finding a balance between tourism and tradition

Luang Prabang is an ancient royal capital in northern Laos. It is located on an exceptional site along the Mekong and is home to an extremely rich architectural heritage comprising ...
May 2018