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The aim of the transparency approach is to enhance AFD’s credibility and accountability towards its stakeholders, the first being its partners and all French citizens. This communication helps to build a relationship of trust and a quality dialogue between AFD and all its stakeholders. By doing so, it gives greater legitimacy to France’s Official Development Assistance policy, for which AFD is the main operator.

AFD, a French public institution subject to the French Monetary and Financial Code and which regularly borrows on financial markets, makes a large amount of information concerning its activity available to third parties, within the limits authorized by the obligations of banking secrecy. This approach was operationalized in 2007 with the definition and application of a transparency policy, set out in the 2007-2011 SER policy and implemented in the institution’s procedures, and the creation of a position in 2009 responsible for communication and dialogue with stakeholders.

► Our transparency policy [+]

Agence Française de Développement’s aim in adopting this text is to give the public more access to information concerning the funded operations (at the various stages of the operational cycle: appraisal, commitment, implementation, evaluation) in accordance with legal obligations in terms of confidentiality, and the obligations concerning its functioning and its strategy. The various documents are published on AFD’s website. There is also a dedicated e-mail address ( ) to deal with specific requests for information.

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The requirements of AFD’s transparency action plan are, moreover, linked to the issue of aid effectiveness as defined by donors in the Paris Declaration signed in 2005 (accountability and impact).

AFD’s transparency policy is a core component of its Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) policy adopted in January 2007. It comprises several levels:
- It gives access to all useful information concerning its mission: strategic, institutional, operational;
- It establishes a dialogue with stakeholders;
- It provides for answers to be given to requests for information or requests for explanations. Any observations on the subject may be sent at any time to AFD’s specific e-mail address :

The transparency commitments for projects and operations allow structured information to be published on the website by project (with the exception of information covered by banking regulation and its provisions concerning the confidentiality of transactions, or information for which the client has refused dissemination). It presents: the context of the operation, the purposes, objectives, approaches and resources implemented and the scope of sovereign loans (loans that are subject to a guarantee from the beneficiary State). A Communication Brief on Operations – or a Communication Note for financing for civil society organizations –, which are documents from AFD’s operational information systems, are published when the financing is allocated. 

► 2012 results and progress to be achieved [+]

At 31 December 2012, over 400 AFD projects had a Communication Brief on Operations or Communication Note ; the publication rate (ratio between projects subject to transparency and projects presented in a brief or note that have been through this communication procedure) stood at 90%.

Progress to be achieved in 2013: The target level for publication is the same as in 2012 and the documents subject to transparency and dissemination tools will be redefined. One of the drivers for progress for 2013 will be to facilitate access to information by revamping AFD’s website in 2014.

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