Participatory financing to support micro-development projects

The Agency for Micro Projects (AMP) is celebrating the second anniversary of its participatory financing platform to support NGO micro projects, which guarantees quality, effectiveness and proximity:

Quality label

AMP, in the context of its support for micro project financing conducted in partnership with AFD, has been offering project initiators a platform for participatory financing for two years. The projects selected by AMP can thereby receive online donations from individuals and companies. The platform is an independent website which presents projects validated and followed by experts. It is a quality label which allows the Agency to propose innovative and quality projects.

The platform has a number of benefits. The information on the progress of NGO projects is regularly updated. The projects are appraised, funded, monitored and evaluated, with a guarantee of quality and transparency. There is an interactive mapping and thematic search engine. A tax receipt is automatically generated with each donation and the payment by credit card is secure.

Promote, meet and raise awareness of project initiators

On the website, web users can select, geolocate and discover the projects they wish to support. There is also a function to locate associations which implement the projects. Web users can therefore find out which associations in their region are implementing projects on the other side of the world. There is a focus on human contact between the project initiators and their donors, with the possibility of communicating and therefore of meeting up.

The general public can thereby provide its support through messages, information sharing, dissemination links towards their close or more distant circles, but also by making a donation. Today, the AMP Newsletter is disseminated to 24,000 subscribers and its various networks have 70,000 followers.


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