Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Partnership with AFD

The partnership, which became official in April 2010, is at its early stages and will gradually become institutionalized. To date, AFD has launched one project with the Foundation in the framework of a plan to organize a conference on high seas management in the Mediterranean. The partnership with the Foundation consequently mainly involves the French GEF and cofinancing to develop or protect natural areas. The sectoral framework of the relationship remains relatively limited by the specific nature of the Foundation’s activities. However, AFD’s expertise and network/presence in Africa may present an advantage for a future strengthening of the partnership.

French GEF website

Presentation of the institution

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was created on 27th June 2006 following the Prince’s trip to the North Pole in 2005. It is dedicated to protecting the environment and sustainable development.
The Foundation aims to demonstrate that sustainable development is a need that does not neglect the notion of profitability. The Foundation consequently relies on the knock-on effect that commitments made by both public and private actors can have. It focuses the bulk of its activities on sectors such as water, health and urban cultural heritage.

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