• AFD’s procurement on its own behalf

    The annual amount of AFD’s procurement stands at between €50m and €80m. The main items are procurement for consulting firms and advisory, IT, publicity event and facility management companies.
    AFD’s rule for procurement is competitive tendering. This principle was laid down by Edict n° 2005-649 of 6 June 2005 and Decree n° 2005-1742 of 30 December 2005, which apply to AFD.
    These rules have been set out in an internal procedure, in compliance with the principles of freedom of access to public procurement, the equal treatment of candidates and transparency in procedures.
  • Our approach to procurement

    As a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) and as part of France’s effort to tighten its budget, AFD is required to optimize its operating expenditure, notably its procurement. The mission of the Procurement Department is to rationalize expenditure without sacrificing quality. 
    AFD wishes to be beyond reproach in terms of its procurement ethics. Consequently, AFD’s buyers respect a rigorous code of conduct.
    We expect our suppliers to have advanced know-how in their business area, a capacity for innovation and an exemplary quality of service delivery at a fair price. The quality of the services will be carefully monitored. 

    We also place particular emphasis on the SER policy in procurement. All innovative proposals will be given favorable consideration by AFD. 

    We wish to open our tenders to VSEs and SMEs and are at their disposal to help them in this respect.
Last update in February 2012

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