L’AFD contribue au développement durable des économies ultra-marines en finançant les investissements des collectivités locales et en soutenant la croissance et la compétitivité du secteur privé.

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L’AFD assure dans les départements et collectivités d’Outre-mer son mandat de solidarité nationale que lui a confié l’Etat.

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Health crosses borders

In regions that are particularly interdependent, it makes perfect sense to include a cross-border dimension in health sector operations. This is the case in French Guiana, where these issues are addressed in partnership with the Brazilian and Surinamese neighbors.

Identical problems

1,250.This is the number of kilometers of borders that French Guiana, a tiny part of France in Latin America, shares with Suriname and Brazil. Common health-related problems arise on a daily basis due to the continuous population movements. The same patients are treated on both sides of the borders. They encounter the same health situations – communicable or chronic – which are often very different from the problems in mainland France.

Strengthening cooperation between health actors

Cooperation between the health actors from the different countries is therefore essential for patient management, through the exchange of information, the harmonization of requirements and a complementarity between health structures. It also involves ensuring that disease control programs are consistent, and launching joint studies and information systems between border areas.

In Suriname, AFD is financing a health cooperation project with French Guiana, alongside major infrastructure projects on both sides of the border. Working groups have been set up between the two countries and joint studies have been conducted in order to develop harmonized action plans. Finally, the capacities of Suriname’s National Laboratory have been strengthened with a view to scaling up cooperation with the Institut Pasteur in French Guiana.

Shared approach

This support for the regional projects of the French Departments in the Americas (FDAs) can be seen with France’s financing of technical assistance at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization, as well as its involvement in the governance of the Caribbean Public Health Agency, and in the choice of the topic “International Cooperation in the FDA Zone” for the 2015 congress of the French West Indies/Guiana French Hospital Federation.

In French Guiana, Cayenne Hospital is going to develop a regional research and training platform on health in Amazonia.

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