AFD in Mauritius

The mission of the AFD, whose representative office is located in Port-Louis, is to guide the opening up of the Mauritian economy and facilitate its integration in the Indian Ocean region, by enhancing competitiveness of the productive sector and efficiency of the public sector.

► Our intervention philosophy [+]

AFD aims to be a genuine development partner to Mauritius, and its work is structured around the following principles:

  • Listening and proximity with the different market players, both public and private, to gain better understanding of the needs and action levers;
  • Response and flexibility in policy instruments to better address the requirements of partners;
  • Support and provision of expertise to promote innovation and modernization, in addition to project funding, as defined by the economic transition programme of Mauritius

In accordance with the recommendations of the OECD, AFD’s interventions are fully untied today ; however, its bilateral development agency status enables it to benefit from a network of French experts in areas where France has extensive know-how. AFD thus strives to marshal the best expertise and service providers for its funded interventions.

► Our tools [+]

The AFD Group provides a wide range of tools to finance and back up the country in its public and private efforts towards development: loans and grants dedicated to projects, commitments to the State budget, financing the private sector, training, etc.

  • Sovereign loans: whether they are concessional loans or not, they are granted directly to the State or to public institutions guaranteed by the Mauritian government.
  • Non-sovereign loans: whether they are concessional or not, these loans are granted directly, without any State guarantee, to the private sector or public institutions (public undertakings, local authorities or regional institutions). AFD assesses the creditworthiness of the borrower and defines a guarantee scheme tailored to the needs and characteristics of each project.
  • Grants: In Mauritius, grants are awarded mainly to finance expertise, technical support and project development.
  • FFEM grants: the French Global Environment Fund (FFEM, managed by AFD) provides grants for projects related to the protection of biodiversity, combating climate change and environmental protection. Read more about FFEM
  • Loans granted by Proparco: a subsidiary of the French Development Agency specialized in equity, loans, guarantees and financial engineering, Proparco is dedicated to financing the private sector in developing countries.
  • ARIZ guarantees: a risk pooling tool provided to commercial banks, which can guarantee up to 50% of the loans granted to businesses. Read more
Last update in January 2013

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