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PROPARCO is the AFD subsidiary specialising in private-sector financing. It is an institution for development financing whose aim is to finance operations that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and financially profitable. It extends medium and long-term loans at market conditions, in euros, dollars or local currencies and financing through share capital acquisitions or guarantees.

PROPARCO has been authorised to operate in Cambodia since 1996. It has a broad mandate enabling it to finance projects that support sustainable growth and poverty reduction. PROPARCO has thus invested in the microfinance sector, the rice growing sector and airport infrastructure.

It has awarded loans to three microfinance institutions in Cambodia (HKL, TPC and AMRET) and to the country’s largest commercial bank, ACLEDA, which is also active in microfinance. PROPARCO also has shares in AMRET. In the agricultural sector, it has supported the rice company Golden Rice with a loan. Finally, it has helped to finance expansion of the Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airports through loans awarded to Cambodia’s airport operator SCA (Société concessionnaire des aéroports).

With total committed loans of about 57 M€ up to 2013, Cambodia is one of PROPARCO’s main intervention countries in Asia, in terms of the number of investments but also historical ties.

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