Traditional therapeutic knowledge of the Bunong People in North-eastern Cambodia: Healers, their practices and medicinal plants , Nomad RSI Cambodge, Nicolas Savajol, Toun Vanny, John Sam, 2011. (Sample)

Some "food for thought" on the future of Cambodian agriculture , Stéphane Boulakia (CIRAD / MAFF-PADAC) - Khmer Version

► Maps (AFD-SNEC, 2011, Data from General Population Census of Cambodia 2008) :

- Cambodian Population Density by Commune in 2008

- Cambodian Population Distribution by Commune in 2008

- Migratory Balances by District over the 2003-2007

Case Study on the links between migrations, agricultural expansion, and deforestation in the Pailin Province , AFD, Jérémie Dulioust, Mai 2011

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