Sala Baï Program, or when the hotel industry works to combat poverty


The objective of the  French NGO “Agir pour le Cambodge”  is to open the door to employment for young people via career-centered training in hotel and catering activities. This project is supported by AFD and will allow the Sala Baï hotel school to expand its courses. 

Leading hotel school in Cambodia
The Sala Baï hotel school is a tremendous initiative of the NGO “Agir pour le Cambodge” . This free school was set up in Siem Reap in 2002 and trains nearly 100 disadvantaged Cambodians every year. 
These young people graduate with a recognized diploma cosigned by the Cambodian Ministries of Labor and Tourism. The effectiveness of this training is recognized by the main local actors in the hotel and catering industry, which guarantees them easier access to the labor market.
Training central to development 
AFD, which is actively involved in assisting the development of vocational training sectors and the tourism sector in Cambodia, is supporting the hotel school with EUR 500,000 of financing.
This financial assistance will:
  • Support the Sala Baï program for three years;
  • Give the school the means to diversify its courses;
  • Allow 150 students to be trained every year starting in the 2018-2019 school year, against a hundred or so today.
1,300 young people trained in hotel and catering activities
Thanks to this grant, Sala Baï will shortly be launching the construction of new boarding facilities to accommodate the 150 students in an area near the school and with optimal conditions of comfort and security. These boarding facilities are scheduled to open at the end of the year.
In 14 years, over 1,300 young Cambodians from disadvantaged backgrounds across the country, 70% of whom are girls, have benefited from high-quality vocational training in hotel and catering activities: a real asset to find a job!


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