Founded in 1977 , PROPARCO is the subsidiary of the French Development Agency dedicated to financing the private sector. PROPARCO offers a full range of financial instruments to meet the specific needs of private investors in developing countries (loans , equity, guarantees and financial engineering) . In 2009 , PROPARCO granted 1,1 billion over eighty projects in over thirty countries .

The company's mission is to promote private investment in emerging and developing economies for growth , sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) .

PROPARCO finances operations economically viable, socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and financially profitable.


PROPARCO interventions in Egypt

PROPARCO started its intervention in Egypt in 2005. It has already invested in equity participations in four Egyptian companies, two investment funds, a software company, and an agriculture and food processing company. It has also approved a long term loan for an integrated tourism project, with an AFD co-financing. Proparco’s activity in Egypt has increased steadily with the arrival in Cairo in March 2010 of a Proparco regional opening office which is fully dedicated to the development of investments in the private sector in the Middle East. This office, based in Cairo covering the Middle East. The geographic scope includes Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Iraq.


As a development financing institution,  PROPARCO is committed  to market conditions in projects characterized by:

>> A sizable contribution to growth and economic development.

>> Involvement of the team leader in good governance practices.

>> Respect and sustainable preservation of the environment.

>> Positive social impact: creating local jobs, contributing to an effective public health policy, developing local human resources.

>> Development of partnerships with local commercial banks.


General conditions 

PROPARCO provides funding, usually between 2 and 50 million euros , to all private businesses and all projects dealing with the private sector except for those dealing with real estate or short-term projects. The project promoters must:

  • Have substantial experience in the sector or have a partner company internationally recognized as an expert in the area.
  • Provide a minimum capital of approximately 30% of project cost in case of extension and 40% for a Greenfield project.


PROPARCO in the Middle East

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Investments, loans, guarantees, specific financing schemes

PROPARCO offers financial products meeting the three major needs of private investors in developing countries: access to long term finance, risk coverage  or reduction, specific financing schemes adapted to local needs.


PROPARCO's financial products in the Middle East

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