The French Government authorized AFD’s intervention  in Egypt in 2004. The Agency started project identifications in 2005. In April 2006, AFD and the Ministry of International Cooperation signed an Framework Agreement, approved by Presidential Decree and ratified by the Parliament; the agreement entered into force in February 2007. Photo © Ed Yourdon


The French Development Agency provides EUR 100 million to Egypt for the modernization of the Alexandria tramway



The Egyptian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Dr. Sahar Nasr, and the Director of the Cairo Office of the French Development Agency (AFD), Ms. Stéphanie Lanfranchi, signed on 16 May 2017 a financing agreement of EUR 100 million for the modernization of the Raml Tram in Alexandria. The signing of this agreement was initially due to take place on 27 March 2017 but was postponed. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Egyptian Minister of Transport, Dr. Hisham Arafat Mahdi, and the Ambassador of France to Egypt, Mr. André Parant.


The signing of this financing agreement follows the completion of a wide-ranging study on urban transport in Alexandria, which was conducted by the French firm Egis Rail thanks to a grant of EUR 500,000 from the European Union. During its first phase (2013-2015), the study produced a detailed diagnosis of the situation of the transport network in Alexandria, and analyzed several transport alternatives for the city. On the basis of the recommendations of the first phase of the study, the Egyptian authorities selected the modernization of the Raml tramway as the short-term priority transport project for the city of Alexandria. The selection of the project was endorsed by a steering committee chaired by the Egyptian Minister of Transport and including all public Egyptian entities involved in Alexandria transportation. The second phase of the study (2015-2016) assessed the feasibility of the project.
According to the forecasts of the feasibility study, the project should double the ridership of the Raml tramway (230,000 passengers per day are expected, compared to around one hundred thousand passengers currently), halve travel times (travelling along the entire length of the line will take half an hour, compared to one hour currently) and improve comfort for tramway users through the renovation of stations and the renewal of the rolling stock. The project will allow Alexandria, whose tramway is the oldest in Africa, to have a modern and efficient tramway line, worthy of a 21st-century metropolis.
An exhibition open to the general public, aimed at presenting the history of the Raml tramway, was organized by AFD in October 2016 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Following the great success encountered by this exhibition from the public and the media, it was transferred to the Alexandrian branch of the French Institute in Egypt in November 2016, then to Ramses Station in Cairo in March 2017, and is currently located in Raml Square in Alexandria.

AFD and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development to provide technical and financial support to NGOs


During her first visit to Egypt, AFD Operations Director Laurence Breton-Moyet, signed a Joint Declaration with the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development in order to work together to provide technical and financial support to strengthen the capacity of NGO and assist them in the implementation of projects for the socio-economic empowerment of women and youth.

Two main areas:

  • job creation by strengthening the employability of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Egypt and giving them access to decent jobs through vocational and technical trainings;
  • and women empowerment by promoting standards, good practices and models of professional equality and sensitizing project partners, both private and public, on issues of gender, inclusion and equal opportunities for women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This partnership enables the two Institutions to deliver impactful programs in different areas. The partnership leverages SFSD 's strong knowledge of Egypt, and of the priority issues facing the country as well as the key stakeholders and NGOs, and combines that with the expertise of AFD in improving the living conditions of people around the world and promoting sustainable development.

The SFSD has a vast experience in the development field and has worked closely with hundreds of local and international NGOs. SFSD’s extensive field experience, gained through its activities with various partners will be invaluable to the success of this partnership.

AFD and UNICEF sign a grant agreement to support a Ministry of Health and Population primary healthcare project


During her first visit to Egypt, AFD Operations Director Laurence Breton-Moyet, signed a EUR 31M financing package with the Government of Egypt supporting the work of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) on enhancing the quality of primary healthcare services in the country.

The Primary Healthcare Support Project marks the first contribution of AFD to the health sector in Egypt. The project seeks to improve quality of care in over 700 Family Health Units in the Delta and Canal Regions and strengthen the health system at large through training, equipment provision and rehabilitation activities.

As part of this financing package, AFD’s Operations Director has signed a grant agreement with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Egypt, Bruno Maes.

Within this new partnership, UNICEF will implement complementary activities to increase health awareness among local beneficiaries and utilization of quality primary health services in the target areas. UNICEF’s response will specifically focus on the first 1,000 days- from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday – when child malnutrition can cause life-long and irreversible damages.

The project builds on UNICEF’s long-term and consolidated partnership with MOHP, and its vast experience in the primary healthcare system in Egypt.

Graduation Ceremony at Cairo Don Bosco Institute in the frame of the Solar Energy program implemented by the AFD, the IECD and Schneider Electric


A graduation ceremony took place on March 7th at Cairo Don Bosco Institute in presence of the Vice Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Geushey. This ceremony aimed at rewarding the students in third year of electro-technical study at Cairo Don Bosco Institute, who took part to the Solar Energy program implemented by the AFD, the NGO IECD and Schneider Electric.


Following the success met by the “COP 21” contest launched in 2015 for the students of Don Bosco Institutes in Cairo and Alexandria, the AFD, in collaboration with IECD and Schneider Electric, has implemented a development program of innovative projects using solar energy for the students of Don Bosco Institute in Cairo. Worth mentioning that IECD carries out the AFD financed multiannual vocational training program “Seeds of Hope”.
At the end of this program, the students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills obtained by working in group of thirty to develop prototypes using the photovoltaic technology to face the needs of the Egyptian energy market. The groups worked respectively on prototypes of solar pumps and integrated solar stations with professional equipment financed by the AFD and Schneider Electric in order to develop products that could be sold in the Egyptian market.
This program gave the student the opportunity to work in teams on current challenges related to the energy mix diversification and climate change mitigation, to get concrete knowledge and skills in a promising sector in Egypt, and to exercise their creativity and innovation skills in order to develop a product from conception to completion, marketing and pricing.
During the graduation ceremony, the students presented the projects they had worked on since October 2016 and they received a certificate attesting the achievement of these projects by IECD and Schneider Electric. 

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