The Country Intervention Framework (CIP) of AFD in Egypt for 2009-2011 was approved by AFD’s General Management in November 2008. The CIP was designed in close collaboration with AFD’s French and Egyptian partners in Egypt.

Axe 1: To promote the development of a modern & competitive private sector 

>> Supporting the development of SMEs and private initiatives through a downscaling approach with public and private banks

>> Reinforcing the quality of higher education and vocational training
>> Supporting the accelerated growth of services and industry and the economic mutation of the Egyptian economy

>> Promoting corporate social and environmental responsibility


Axe 2: To contribute to the improvement of the population living conditions

>> Developing non polluting urban public transport

>> Reducing the pollution of water resources and improving access to sanitary drainage

>> Participating in food security policy discussions




Axe 3: To protect & valorise the natural and cultural heritage

>> Promoting a sustainable management of water resources volume and quality

>> Reducing polluting industrial emissions, CO2 emissions, and promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy

>> Development and management of natural protected areas

>> Development of archaeological sites


For more information about this policy, you can contact our office in Cairo


Last update in April 2013

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