With a population of 77 million inhabitants, GDP at USD 800bn (making it the 18th largest economy in the world in 2014) and annual per capita income higher than USD 10,000, Turkey is experiencing remarkable economic and social development. It is an emerging power in the Euro-Mediterranean region, as well as a member of the OECD and “G20” Economic Forum (Presidency in 2015), and a candidate for EU membership. The country is located in a strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In order to meet the challenges posed by employ- ment, energy and the environment, combined with marked regional disparities, Turkey has embarked on a path of more inclusive and low-carbon growth, fully integrating the place of people in society.

The country ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 2009, has adopted a strategy to combat climate change, and renewed its commitment to sustainable development at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference.

The cooperation between France and Turkey is based on a long-standing relationship, close consultation othe major issues of international and regional agendas, and significant levels of trade. A framework agreement on bilateral cooperation for environmental protection was signed in 1996.



Istanbul will host the XVI CODATU Conference on transportation from the 2nd to the 5th of February 2015
CODATU XVI conference, organised by CODATU (Cooperation for urban mobility in the developing world)(Cooperation for urban mobility in the developing world) in partnership with İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (İTÜ), will take place in Istanbul on February the 2nd to the 5th, 2015. The topic of the conference is: “Energy, climate and air quality challenges: the role of urban transport policies in developing countries and emerging economies”.

Addressing climate solutions linked to urban transport, the debates and presentations will make the conference a milestone on the way to COP21 which will be held in Paris on December 2015.
The event, that will gather some 400 decision makers and experts on urban mobility, is organized based on two major pillars:

→ Political symposium (2 February 2015): A political momentum to make urban transport a major field of action in the fight against climate change. This part of the programme is organised in the first day of the conference by CODATU in collaboration with the Conference Steering Committee gathering representatives of Bridging the Gap, ITF, UN-HABITAT, UITP, SLoCaT, World Bank, EBRD, EMBARQ, ITDP and AFD.

→ Scientific conference (3-5 February 2015): A scientific conference to increase awareness about the contribution of urban transport policies to tackle climate change and the present solutions. This part of the program, which will be organized during the three days following the opening, will be the occasion for more than 80 researchers and academics to present their work and case studies coming from more than 30 countries.

The programme is available on-line and registrations are open!


Conference web site: http://www.codatu2015.org/en/default.asp
CODATU web site: http://www.codatu.org/?lang=en_us

AFD and CMI organized a workshop on sustainable public transportation in Mediterranean Municipalities in Izmir


The French Agency of Development and the Center of Mediterranean Integration have organized the last Regional Workshop on Sustainable Urban Transport in Izmir from 12 to 14 November, in occasion to cloture of a three years exchange program and to promote regional integration at the Mediterranean scale. This program consists of several workshops and seminars and helped many Mediterranean municipalities to exchange and discuss on their best practices and visions in terms of organization and planning of urban transport. This workshop has the opportunity to be hosted by the city of Izmir and been associated the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir as host of the event.


Inaugurated by the Mayor of Izmir, Aziz KOCAOGLU, this workshop helped to connect various Mediterranean municipal experiences and to live the "Mediterranean soul" through various Mediterranean examples that particularly the transport system of Izmir. The public transport system of Izmir is indeed one of examples in the Turkish context but also in Mediterranean area through its integrated strategic vision of promoting transport connections and better quality of life of its population.

At this occasion, the Director of AFD Istanbul, Bertrand WILLOCQUET presented the role of AFD in supporting sustainable urban development of Turkish municipalities and recalled the relationship between AFD and the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir based on the funding of its investment projects as part of its policy of maritime and urban transport. The presentation of Bertrand WILLOCQUET was accompanied by the presentation of a movie made by AFD on urban mobility in Istanbul and Izmir (renvoi vers la video).

This workshop was an opportunity to discover a major Turkish experience and create exchanges that could lead to develop a new program of technical exchanges and thus continue to work towards regional integration in the Mediterranean.

AFD Opens Office in Ankara


Present for almost ten years in Turkey through its representative office in Istanbul, the French Agency for Development (AFD) has opened an office in Ankara based in the French Economic Counsil of the French Embassy.

It is following the signature of an MOU with the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury at the end of January 2014 that the office was created, which emphasizes both parties willing to strengthen their financial cooperation on sovereign activities. The presence in Ankara will pave the way for developing exchanges with technical ministries, the Delegation of the European Union, and for contributing to the dialogues on public policies. In terms of sovereign loans, AFD had contributed since 2011 to the financing of the annual investment plan implemented by the General Directorate of Forestry (for an amount of 300 million Euros), accompanied by a technical cooperation program by the French National Office of Forestry (ONF). AFD has engaged more than 1,9 billion Euros since the kick-off of its activities in Turkey.

Signature of an MOU with the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury at the end of January 2014


To contact AFD’s Office in Ankara :
Murat ULKER, Project Officer
Fransa Ekonomi Musavirligi
Iran Caddesi Karum Is Merkezi E Asansoru
6. Kat Nu.: 444 - 06680 ANKARA
Tel: +90 (0) 312 428 31 75 - 134 - Fax : +90 (0) 312 468 24 39

Turkey – New credit line granted to TSKB aiming at promoting sustainable tourism and renewable energies


On the 2nd of October 2014, AFD signed a new Credit Facility Agreement of an amount of MEUR 60 with Turkish private industrial development bank TSKB.

AFD and TSKB joins once again to support private investors willing to improve social and environmental performance of their touristic projects and reduce their impact on climate change by providing them with appropriate fundings and technical assistance. With a dual purpose, this facility will also support public policies on the development of renewable energies such as biomass, solar and geothermal.

AFD’s Intervention at the VIVAPOLIS Colloquium in Istanbul


At the occasion of the French-Turkish colloquia about sustainable cities “VIVAPOLIS“ organized by the French Trade agency UBIFRANCE in partnership with the public French Agency for environment and Energy Efficiency (ADEME), the French Agency for Development (AFD), and the Turkish Bank Denizbank on the 23rd of September 2014 in Istanbul, AFD’s country director Bertrand WILLOCQUET held a presentation to describe the role of an international financial institution in supporting sustainable and environment friendly urban development.

Launched by an opening speech of HE Mr. Ambassador Laurent BILI, this colloquia intended to present the French know-how in terms of sustainable urban development in the Turkish context which reveals a high urban growth triggering important investment needs in infrastructure, especially in the framework of the process of harmonizing with the European Union’s standards. This event has also been an opportunity to create working and cooperation relationships between Turkish and French municipalities but also with from both countries’ private sector actors. Mrs. Michèle PAPPALARDO, Federator of VIVAPOLIS, also present at this event, had the chance to present the “VIVAPOLIS” label and particularly the one based on “liveable cities” à la française.

This colloquia has hence been an opportunity for French and Turkish cities to exchange on potential cooperation tracks in the presence of French investors in the sectors of urban attractivity, spatial planning, and urban services; and for AFD to raise a study ongoing in partnership with the World Bank on a potential and ambitious program on supporting sustainable cities.

AFD and CIRAD launch Climate Challenge, an international competition on agricultural and forestry innovation to address climate change


Call for projects launched at Convergences World Forum on 8, 9 and 10 September 2014

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (Cirad) have launched the first international competition « Climate Challenge Agriculture and Forestry », which promotes agricultural and forestry innovation to address climate change.

Anne Paugam, Chief Executive Officer of AFD, and Michel Eddi, Chairman of CIRAD presented this competition on 9 September 2014 during the 7th edition of the Convergences World Forum, which gathers public, private and solidarity-based actors who are working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Agence Française de Développement and Cirad have launched the competition “Climate Challenge Agriculture and Forestry” because climate change poses a major challenge to agriculture and a threat to both world food security and poverty eradication. AFD is particularly active in supporting developing countries in the fight against climate change. For Cirad, the topic of climate change has been central to the research it has been conducting for over 15 years with its partners in the South, with the aim of adapting agriculture in these countries to this major constraint.

This international competition aims to promote innovation and fast track the transfer and dissemination of technologies and knowledge, which are essential in bringing about innovative solutions to be devised for the future. It will support the creativity and success of exemplary projects, led by candidates from Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America and the French Overseas : individual actors, farmers’ organizations, financial institutions, actors from the economic and social sectors, local authorities and territories.

It highlights four categories of project :

  • Climate change mitigation in agriculture and livestock farming
  • Climate change mitigation in the forestry sector
  • Substitution and processing of agricultural and forestry products
  • Adaptation to climate change and water resources management


Projects must be submitted by 1 December 2014 on the website dedicated to the competition, www.challenge-climat.com, via the online application interface.


Innovation: A new approach to mobilizing actors

Technical, methodological and operational innovations that create new local dynamics, as well as actions to build inclusive economies, will be promoted. They allow actors and family farms to adapt their practices to climate change, while ensuring that their standard of living and quality of life improve.


150 preselected applications, 12 major projects selected, 4 award winners

150 of the projects submitted will be selected on the basis of the impact their innovation has on climate change, their feasibility, viability, and the possibility of replicating them, as well as their utility and overall coherence. A Selection Committee composed of experts from the development sector will select 12 major innovations, which will be transferred to the final jury.

« This competition provides an opportunity to mobilize and pool energies from the North and South for innovative methods that need to be implemented to support sustainable development. Agriculture and forestry are two key sectors. They are vectors of innovation to address climate change and provide solutions to the major challenge of world food security. It is for this reason that I am extremely pleased to launch Climate Challenge in partnership with Cirad » says Anne Paugam, Chief Executive Officer of Agence Française de Développement (AFD)..

« This competition provides the opportunity to promote innovations that have come about as a result of research on what we call ‘climate-smart agriculture’. These new agricultural practices should provide a response to the threefold challenge of food security, climate change adaptation, and the sustainable increase in production, by promoting the development of employment in rural areas. They are particularly vital for the future of family farming, but also for conceiving and building the world of tomorrow, based on the principles of sustainable development”, », points out Michel Eddi, Chairman of CIRAD..


Awards given by prestigious jury at 2015 International Agricultural Show

The 12 initiators of innovative projects will be invited to France to present their projects at the award ceremony, which will be held in Paris at the International Agricultural Show (21 February to 1 March 2015).


The final jury comprises personalities from the field of innovation and social and economic investment and include:

  • Brice Lalonde :Special Advisor on Sustainable Development to the UN Global Compact, former Under-Secretary General of the UN, former Secretary of State then Minister for the Environment from 1988 to 1992.
  • Navi Radjou : consultant in innovation in Silicon Valley, father of the concept of Jugaad and frugal innovation.
  • Ibrahima Coulibaly : Special Ambassador to the UN for the International Year of Family Farming, Vice-President ROPPA (Network of Farmers' and Agricultural Producers' Organizations of West Africa), President of CNOP (National Coordination of Farmers' Organizations in Mali).
  • Jean-Christophe Debar : Director of the FARM foundation (Foundation for World Agriculture and Rurality).


For Brice Lalonde, President of the Jury: « Humanity is facing one of its greatest challenges: how to ensure development for all without harming the planet. Agriculture has a full role to play in this challenge and the solutions may well come from countries in the South, which have a proven creative force. So, I am proud to be contributing to bringing out solutions, via this challenge, that will allow us to feed the world, while protecting nature, the mother of future harvests. »

Find out more at :
Climate Challenge Agriculture and Forestry: www.challenge-climat.com
Le Cirad : www.cirad.fr
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI): www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

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