With a population of 77 million inhabitants, GDP at USD 800bn (making it the 18th largest economy in the world in 2014) and annual per capita income higher than USD 10,000, Turkey is experiencing remarkable economic and social development. It is an emerging power in the Euro-Mediterranean region, as well as a member of the OECD and “G20” Economic Forum (Presidency in 2015), and a candidate for EU membership. The country is located in a strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In order to meet the challenges posed by employ- ment, energy and the environment, combined with marked regional disparities, Turkey has embarked on a path of more inclusive and low-carbon growth, fully integrating the place of people in society.

The country ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 2009, has adopted a strategy to combat climate change, and renewed its commitment to sustainable development at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference.

The cooperation between France and Turkey is based on a long-standing relationship, close consultation othe major issues of international and regional agendas, and significant levels of trade. A framework agreement on bilateral cooperation for environmental protection was signed in 1996.


AFD gathered local actors engaged on the topic of women and employment, 15 and 16March, 2016


AFD have organized, in collaboration with the General Consulate of France in Istanbul, two-days of events to contribute to current reflections on women employment in Turkey and on ways to improve the access and retention of women to decent work. Both events are part of a long series of bilateral exchanges on the theme of gender as AFD and the Consulate General have maintained for two years with many Turkish institutions and associations actors and within the framework of Turkey's initiatives to strengthen women’s participation in economic life. These events were held on 15 and 16 March 2016 in Istanbul at the Palais de France and brought together over 150 participants from very various backgrounds (parliamentarians, ministries, public institutions, municipalities, NGOs, private sector).

On the occasion of the 1st Summit of Women 20 organized at the initiative of the Turkish presidency of G20, Turkey has reiterated the commitment to strengthen the women’s participation in economic life (the female participation rate in Turkey is less than 30%, the lowest in OECD’s countries).
In this national and international context, AFD organized two-days of round tables and seminar, on 15 and 16 March 2016, to contribute to current reflections on employment in Turkey and ways to improve access and retention in decent work.

Both events are part of a long series of bilateral exchanges on the theme of gender than AFD and the Consulate General have maintained for 2 years with many Turkish interlocutors and within the framework of Turkey's initiatives to strengthen the women’s participation in economic life.

The round tables, organized the 1st day, have allowed many participants to address the issue of the employment of women from different angles: women's qualifications, obstacles faced by women in the access to and retention in market labor, violence against women at workplace as in family environment, the opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship in the child care services. Turkish experts had the opportunity to promote initiatives and projects in Turkey that contribute to improving access and retention of women to decent work and improving their working conditions.


The seminar, held on the 2nd day, has allowed Turkish and French experts to exchange experiences with examples of childcare facilities applied in Turkey and in France. This seminar was an opportunity to examine the various aspects of childcare services in Turkey and in particular the development of an affordable and quality supply that can both contribute to the economic objectives of the country promoting economic participation of women (45% of Turkish women who worked previously don’t return to the workforce after their first child). This seminar was followed by a day of field visits organized by AFD Istanbul for French experts in custody arrangements based in Istanbul and have allowed experts to understand the specifics of the Turkish context.

These both events attracted over 150 participants including many Turkish and French experts from various backgrounds (ministries, public and private institutions, municipalities, associations and foundations, companies and private entrepreneurs, law firms, universities, etc. ) and constituted an opportunity to contribute to the development of bilateral cooperation between France and Turkey on the issue of women employment.


Exhibition opening « 10 years in 33 images, AFD partner of Turkey » in Galeri Çankaya in Ankara


After its launch on 19th November 2015 at the French Institute of Istanbul, the photo exhibition “10 years in 33 images, AFD partner of Turkey” continues on its tour in Turkey and installed in Galeri Çankaya, Ankara. The opening which took place on Wednesday, 20 January 2016 is attended by Charles Fries, the Ambassador of France to Turkey and Mrs Gülsün Bor Güner, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Çankaya.


The exhibited photographs illustrate the projects financed by AFD over this decade to promote a green and inclusive growth and strengthen the French-Turkish partnership on climate and environmental issues. The exhibition is a reflection of the projects supported by AFD and focuses on three sectors identified as priorities by Turkey: energy, sustainable urban development and forest.

The photo exhibition is open to the public between 20-30 January 2016, at the Galeri Cankaya, Cankaya Belediyesi Hizmet Binasi, Ziya Gokalp Caddesi No: 11 Kizilay/Ankara.


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Breakfast meeting in Paris with French companies : Turkey and environment


The French Development Agency (AFD), ADEME, Business France and CETIAT will organize a breakfast meeting in Paris with French companies interested by the Turkish market and involved in the following sectors : renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management and treatment, water management and treatment and air quality. Turkey’s industrial growth and Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) development in the country are indeed creating new needs in the energy and environment fields. These needs will offer a number of opportunities for French companies. Our institutions are willing to join their forces to help you position yourselves on these markets.

In this framework, the aim of this meeting is two folds:

  • Introduce our each institution’s mandate, tools, current and past projects in Turkey
  • Exchange with French companies in order to better identify their expectations and needs to be able to work altogether in making these business opportunities come true

In Turkey, in the energy and environment sectors :


  • AFD provides municipalities, banks and companies – be they Turkish or foreign companies – with financing solutions designed to promote « green investments ». For instance, AFD is currently working on the design of a credit facility dedicated to OIZs and this meeting will be a good occasion for AFD to present the results of a study that was conducted in these zones. This study covers their needs and projects in terms of compliance with environmental regulations.
  • ADEME is comitted to revive the French-Turkish partnership on energy efficiency and environment with 3 main priorities : institutional cooperation (MEDENER network), decentralized cooperation and project development together with members of Club Ademe International.
  • Business France, whose mission is to accompany french companies in their international development organized several events related to the environmental sector (ex : France pavilion during the IFAT Avrasya fair in Ankara in 2015). They will present the environmental regulation evolutions in the industrial sector in Turkey and give an outlook on the Turkish market in these fields.
  • CETIAT is currently accompanying a Turkish public institution in their efforts to upgrade their Energy Efficiency policy towards SMEs. They will present the main activities undertaken in the framework of this project

The meeting will take place :

On January, 26th 2016 from 8.30 am
At AFD’s Headquarters
Salle Jacques ALLIOT
5, rue Roland Barthes, 75012 Paris

Program of the meeting:

  • 8.30 : Welcoming around coffee
  • 9.00 -10.00 :
    • Presentation by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) (Laurent Biddiscombe, Project Manager, Banking sector and Nicolas Le Tarnec, Regional coordinator for Turkey)
    • Presentation by Business France Turkey (Véronique Priour, Export Consellor – Infrastructures, Transports, Industry)
    • Presentation by CETIAT (Youmna Romitti, Division Manager, Energy and Industrial Processes)
    • Presentation by ADEME (Olivier Chazal, Club Ademe International’s Coordinator)
  • 10h00-11h00: Discussion with the audience

Useful Information :
*free of charge - registration must be made before January, 22nd
Accessibility: http://www.afd.fr/home/AFD/contact-afd
Contact for registration: lagardem@afd.fr

The event is co-organized by :

Exhibition Opening « 10 years in 33 images, AFD partner of Turkey »


On the occasion of its 10 years of presence in Turkey, the French Development Agency (AFD) inaugurated a photo exhibition by Mathias Depardon on Thursday, November 19, 2015, at the French Institute of Istanbul. These photographs illustrate the projects financed over this decade to promote a green and inclusive growth and strengthen the French-Turkish partnership on climate and environmental issues.


The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Consul General of France in Istanbul, the director of the French Institute, representatives of French services present in Turkey and many AFD partners (including banks Halkbank , Ziraat Bankasi and TSKB) that the Director of the agency thanked for their cooperation and loyalty during these 10 years of operations.

The photo exhibition is open to the public from November 19 to December 9, 2015, at the French Institute of Istanbul.

The French Development Agency has published a study on child care facilities in Turkey


As Istanbul has hosted the 1st Women 20 Summit on 16 and 17 October which reaffirmed the importance of women's participation in the labor market, AFD published a study entitled "Supporting Access and Continued Employment of Women by Enhancing Child Care Services in Turkey ".

In Turkey, women's participation rate in the labor market is increasing but remains low
Today, Turkey is the OECD country which has the lowest women participation’s rate in the labor market (about 30%). This rate should be viewed in the light of the low enrollment of young children (30% of 3-6 years while the average for OECD countries is above 80%).
However, many studies highlight the positive correlation between these two variables: a developed offer of child care services generally allows the increase of women participation in the labor market (which is itself a growth factor). Such offer is also a source of employment in a traditionally feminine sector. The French model shows that women can conciliate motherhood and professional life in the context of an early childhood policy (birth rate similar to Turkey and greater participation of women in the labor market up to 60%).

AFD in Turkey is an actor of a green and inclusive growth.
The study realized by Development Analytics meets one of AFD's objectives in Turkey which is to promote access and maintain of women in the labor market and proposes to develop an affordable child care facilities both in the private and public sector, through the implementation of an early childhood policy.
Since 2013 and the adoption of a gender strategy across the group, AFD in Turkey has increased its trade with Turkish actors engaged in supporting the employment of women (ministries, municipalities, including NGOs), conducted studies and organized meetings (with support from the General Consulate of France) to contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities in employment. New actions are planned in the short term (study trips and training) to facilitate the exchange of experience between France and Turkey.

AFD participated to the GAIT Conference on sustainable transport, held on 8 and 9 October 2015 in Istanbul


GAIT represents the movement and support for a green, accessible and intelligent transport reffering to the pillars of the Operational Programme Transport, component of pre-accession funds for Turkey (2014-2020 IPA Fund) financed by the European Union (EU). Organized within the framework of the Operational Transport Program, the GAIT Conference, held on 8 and 9 October in Istanbul, is the result of the collaboration between the Turkish authorities (Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication Network) and the EU Delegation in Turkey.

For a more sustainable and inclusive transportation, the conference gathered national and local transport actors from Turkey. Several plenary sessions and discussion workshops addressed various issues about transport systems (energy and carbon emissions, road safety, sustainable cities, smart systems) and the EU community acquis, in particular the EU's influence on the regulation and the organization of urban mobility in Turkish cities.

Represented by Carine MEGUEULLE, project manager of the Sustainable Energy and Transportation Division, AFD participated, alongside the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank, and the EU Delegation within the plenary session entitled "What are the funding possibilities a more sustainable transportation?". This intervention was the opportunity to present AFD’s transportation strategy, numerous urban transport projects financed under the mandate "green and inclusive growth", a vision promoted by the Agency for the promotion of sustainable transport systems through a variety of funding tools mobilized for local authorities as well as national transport actors. Carine MEGUEULLE stressed that the support of the AFD was beyond simple funding to accompany sustainable public policies in the transport sector, particularly in urban areas. The conference was an opportunity to present the "Mobilize Your City" initiative that will be officially launched at the COP21 in Paris (December 2015). This French-German initiative was initiated by a group of technical (CODATU, CEREMA, ADEME, GIZ), financial (FFEM, AFD) and institutional (French and German ministries) partners for a sustainable mobility in the South. The initiative aims to encourage cities to prepare sustainable Urban Development Plans linked to national climate policies (with targets to reduce the carbon footprint). A methodology adapted to the specificities of the Cities in the South will be developed among others. The initiative aims to give international visibility to the transformational initiatives undertaken by local / national actors of urban transport and to facilitate the access of the latter to finance Climate, especially those in the green fund.

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