Integration of women into Turkey’s economy

“Early childcare services have a direct influence on women’s employment”

Turkey is becoming aware of the fact that the low employment rate for women, the lowest in all OECD countries, holds back its development. Laetitia Dufay, the dynamic Deputy Director of AFD’s Istanbul agency, gives us insight into the challenges and original way in which AFD promotes projects for women’s employment, with a focus on early childcare services.

In what way is gender equality at work a development issue?

Gender equality is today recognized by the international community as a powerful engine for sustainable development, growth and the fight against poverty.
Participation by women in economic life is widely considered as a way for a country to reach its productive potential. To put it simply, when women do not work or when their work is not declared, their participation in value creation is consequently not taken into account.

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Ideas and insight

By Ӧzge Berber Ağtaş   By Laetitia Antonowicz   By Melsa Ararat
“The fight for gender equality at work needs to be addressed in SMEs”  

Access to the Labor Market : “Marriage plays a major role, children even more”

     “Companies are central to combating domestic violence”

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Integration of women into Turkey’s economy: Where do we stand?

Turkish, British and French policymakers, business leaders and academics give us insight into the initiatives and measures that need to be taken to improve the economic integration of women, as well as gender equality in the workplace in Turkey. Comments made during the seminar on women’s employment in Turkey, organized by AFD in Istanbul on 15 March 2016. copyright : AFD 2016

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