Sustainable development for Turkey since 2005

“Growth with less carbon, more sun and more forests”

Development of renewable energies and energy efficiency, support for the creation of effective urban public transport, forest protection… For ten years now, AFD has been supporting Turkey, an emerging power whose dynamic growth comes with a high environmental and social cost. Which projects does AFD support? How? With which partners? Bertrand Willocquet, Director of the Istanbul agency, answers our questions.

The agency is celebrating the 10th anniversary of being set up in Istanbul. How would you assess this first decade with Turkey?
The opening of an AFD office in Turkey was part of the major turning point it took in the early 2000s. It was also a question of strengthening AFD’s credibility in the Mediterranean, where until then it had been confined to the Maghreb region and Lebanon.

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Three emblematic projects

Transport   Biodiversity   Climate
Sustainable transportation to support the growth of Istanbul  

Preserving the forest in Turkey

  Reduce fossil energy consumption of Turkish growth

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 The persons in charge of the development of the efficient urban transportation projects in Izmir, the installation of solar panels in a poultry farm, the installation of a solar power plant and of the wind power plant will hereafter talk about their respective projects.

10 years, 33 pictures : AFD, partner of Turkey

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