AFD’s action in Turkey is part of its regional operations Framework in the Mediterranean region and contributes to strengthen the French-Turkish partnership on climate and environmental issues. The aim is to provide joint responses to preserve Mediterranean ecosystems and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

AFD has identified 4 priority areas for its operations in Turkey in the strategy for 2014 - 2017:

  • Supporting sustainable urban development;
  • Supporting businesses to adapt to changes in the economy;
  • Preserving and developing natural resources;
  • Promoting equal access to employment.

AFD’s operations in Turkey were initially limited to a non-sovereign mandate and have been developed through banking intermediation and financing for municipalities. The aim is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), disseminate corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, promote energy efficiency and renew- able energies and foster sustainable urban development.

Projects & partners



    In 2011, AFD’s mandate was extended to include sovereign loans and its financing now supports the implementation of Turkey’s forestry policy.

    AFD Group consequently operates in the public sector (central government, State-owned companies and banks, local authorities) and in the private sector (banks and companies) through its subsidiary PROPARCO. It has a wide range of financial instruments tailored to the projects and partnerships that are established: loans – sovereign and non-sovereign, direct or intermediated, medium and long-term, on preferential terms, in local or foreign currency – equity investments, expertise and capacity building funds. Grants can be mobilized on an ad hoc basis to finance studies and provide technical assistance for projects. AFD also gives its partners the opportunity to use a guaran- tee mechanism (ARIZ).

    Finally, AFD seeks to promote exchanges and partnerships between French, Turkish and Mediterranean actors. It mobilizes French exper- tise, supports decentralized cooperation activities between Turkish and French cities, and creates networks among civil society actors. It involves its Turkish partners in regional cooperation activities.

    In 2015, AFD is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its presence and commitment in Turkey. During this period, AFD Group has allocated some EUR 2bn of financing in the country.

Last update in June 2016

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