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What if growth in Official Development Assistance was not just about figures?


The UK has devoted 0.7% of its gross national income to Official Development Assistance since 2013. Germany achieved this target in 2016. The USA is the leading donor country in absolute terms, having doubled its resources in fifteen years. France’s efforts would appear to be out of step with those of the countries mentioned above. What does it need to build political and social unity over the issue of international development? What agreement can be sought between actors, and on what basis? This is the subject of the report entitled “Seeking Agreement on Official Development Assistance”.

The author of this report, Henry de Cazotte, interviewed over 170 people between December 2016 and April 2017. His aim was to seek to understand how, over the past 20 years, development actors in each country – leaders from all spheres, NGOs, parliamentarians, public, private and religious institutions, the media and researchers – have forged high quality interactions.

From Berlin to Bonn, from Frankfurt to Washington, or in London, Brussels and Luxembourg, the interviews brought out different national profiles, but what they have in common is a certain continuity in the development policy built over the past 20 years, despite changes in governing parties.

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