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11th Conference AFD-PROPARCO-EUDN in Paris December 3, 2014

Which energy policies for sustainable development?

Access to energy undeniably contributes to human development and is vital in fighting against poverty. Yet rapidly growing fossil energy consumption worldwide affects global public goods like climate and environmental protection to such an extent that it could jeopardize its benefits. So, how can we foster energy-led economic development, while still reducing harmful environmental impacts in developing countries?
Answering this requires going beyond the immediate optimization-under-constraint approaches to reconsider both development and energy policies globally.

The 11th AFD/Proparco-EUDN will gather academics, practitioners, policy makers and private sector representatives, and will address a wide array of topics and questions relating to the link between energy and economic development, including:

•    What are the main challenges in the energy-development link?
•    What are the environmental implications of energy choices and what are the potential impacts on economic development?
•    How to accelerate reliable electricity supply in Africa?
•    How to improve access to energy in rural areas?
•    How best to convince policymakers to prioritize energy issues ?


Session 1: What are the main challenges in the energy-development link?
Keynote speaker: ► Gaël Giraud (CNRS, Paris School of Economics, University Paris I)

Session 2: Environmental implications and potential economic impacts of energy choices
Keynote speaker:  1 ► John Reilly (MIT)  2 ► John Reilly (MIT)
Discutant  : ► Per Klevnäs (Senior Project Manager at Stockholm Environment Institute)
Session 3 - Powering Africa: meeting the financing and reform challenges
Keynote speaker: 1 ► Anton Eberhard (University of Cape Town) 2 ► Anton Eberhard (University of Cape Town)

Session 4 - How to develop rural access to electricity in developing countries?
Keynote speaker:  1 ► Maximo Torero (IFPRI) 2 ► Maximo Torero (IFPRI)
Discutant  :1  ► Jorg Peters (RWI) 2 ► Jorg Peters (RWI)

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