Development assistance deserves a wide-angle

The world is changing. Destinies are inextricably intertwined in the face of the challenges for the future of the planet. Photographers, as witnesses of these major changes, are invaluable messengers and their essential work must be strongly encouraged and disseminated. It is for this reason that AFD has a longstanding history with photography, marked by some wonderful collaborations.

One of them started in 2012, with the launch of the first AFD Photography Prize, open exclusively to professional photographers. By associating prestigious names from the media and photography, AFD’s aim is to raise the awareness of an ever-increasing public about development issues and share this objective of actively working to achieve a more just and more sustainable world.

► Winners of AFD Photo Contest, 2016 edition [+]

 The three winners of the 5th edition of the AFD Photography Prize received their awards this evening at a ceremony held at the  Maison Européenne de la Photographie . The AFD Photography Prize for professionals was launched in 2012. It raises the awareness of a broader public about the development challenges of countries in the South and pays tribute to the essential work of committed photographers.

  •  AFD/Polka Prize for the Best Photo Report Project

Pascal Maitre for “Quand l’Afrique s’éclairera” (“Africa: Light for the Future”)


Pascal Maitre

Prize: EUR 15,000 of financing for a report, its publication in Polka magazine and an exhibition at MEP + touring

Through composite satellite images, the northern hemisphere draws our attention to a “luminous pollution” while Africa seems “switched off”. In rural areas, 7% of inhabitants have access to electricity on this continent. Yet Africa has inexhaustible resources – sun, wind and water – which could generate electricity on a large scale. This report aims to highlight the challenges and importance of access to electricity in Africa.

Pascal Maître started his career as a photojournalist in 1979 when he joined the editorial team of Jeune Afrique Group, Africa’s leading press group. He has since been working for international magazines such as Géo and Life. His many reports take him all over the world, from Siberia to South America, including Afghanistan, with a predilection for Africa. He has been travelling the length and breadth of the African continent for over thirty years in order to cover this multifaceted Africa: nature, beliefs, the economic aspect and work, the conflicts and their consequences, but also the nightlife, because life never stands still in Africa.

  •  AFD/Libération Special Prize for the Best Photo Report

Corentin Fohlen for “Les Possibilités d’une île” (“The Possibilities of an Island”)

Crédit ©Corentin Fohlen

Prize: EUR 5,000 + publication in Libération

Haiti is all too often put down as being a cursed, poor and violent country, but it is much more than that. Far from these clichés, there is another dimension to this country which is seldom explored and revealed. Times are changing and operations are being implemented to attract tourists and investors. It is this beautiful image of hope that Corentin Fohlen shows in the report he made between January 2015 and October 2016.  

Crédit ©Valerie Baeriswyl

Corentin Fohlen discovered photography while he was studying drawing. After having covered French and international news for over eight years: conflict in North Kivu, Afghanistan, revolution in Ukraine and Bangkok, riots in the Paris suburbs and in Athens, earthquake in Haiti, Arab revolutions in Egypt and Libya, first free elections in Tunisia, famine in the Horn of Africa… he decided to start a long-term work project in Haiti.
Since 2012, he has been conducting reflection on the consequences of the international takeover of the country.


  • AFD/Nikon Grand Prix for the Best Multimedia Work

Anne Paq for “ Obliterated  Families

Crédit ©Anne Paq

Prize: Nikon D500 reflex digital camera + DX 16-80 mm lens

The Israeli offensive, which lasted 51 days in the Gaza Strip in 2014, left 2,200 people dead, 11,000 injured and 100,000 people homeless. The war, followed so closely by the media, has been measured, numbered, counted. But beyond these figures, entire families have been destroyed. No figures can be put on the loss of a loved one, the bombing of a family home, or the trauma after the ceasefire. Yet for those who survive, once the war has finished, this is when the struggle begins.
This documentary is a long-term project telling personal stories, with memories of the Gaza Strip of the families whose lives were shattered during that summer of 2014.



Anne Paq is a French freelance photographer and has been based in Palestine since 2003. She is a member of Activestills, a group of committed photographers, which works on documenting political and social subjects.
Since 2010, she has focused her photographic work on the Gaza Strip and on capturing the daily lives of Palestinians under the occupation, refugees and displaced persons, the Barrier and its impact on communities, as well as popular resistance to the occupation. 
Her photos are exhibited all over the world, including at the United Nations.



► The jury[+]

Alain Mingam – President of the Jury, photojournalist and exhibition commissioner

  • Daphné Angles, European Picture Coordinator, New York Times
  • Hervé Brusini, Director, FranceTV News
  • Jean-François Camp, Director, Central Dupon Images
  • Lionel Charrier, Photo Editor, Libération
  • Sophie Dufau, Editor-in-Chief, Mediapart
  • Franck Fertille, Director of Partnerships, Gallimard
  • Bertrand Gallet, Director, Cités Unies
  • Alain Genestar, Publication Director, Polka magazine
  • Francis Kohn, Photo Director, AFP
  • Jean-François Leroy, founder and Director, Visa pour l'image
  • Michel Le Bris, Director and founder, “Étonnants Voyageurs” (Amazing Travelers) Festival
  • Sylvaine Lecoeur, Managing Director, PixPalace
  • Alain Le Gouguec, Editor-in-Chief of Interception, France Inter
  • Marion Mertens, Editor-in-Chief, Paris-Match Digital Editions
  • Jean-Luc Monterosso, Director, Maison Européenne de la Photographie
  • Marco Nassivera, News Editor, Arte
  • Jean-Jacques Naudet, Publication Director, L'Oeil de la Photographie
  • Julien Pain, Director of “Les Observateurs”, France24
  • Brigitte Patient, Producer, Radio France
  • Michel Puech, Photo Critique / Associate Editor, Mediapart / Le journal de la photographie
  • Olivier Ray, Head of the Crisis and Conflict Unit, AFD
  • Reza, Photojournalist, Webistan
  • Bernard Sabrier, Chairman of Unigestion
  • Aurélie Viel, Bayeux-Calvados Photo Award for War Correspondents

► Three different prizes[+]

It is open exclusively to professional photojournalists : freelance or employed by French or international media (daily newspapers, magazines, television channels) or by agencies (press agencies, multimedia agencies, photography collectives).

Three different prizes will be awarded :
  1. AFD / Polka Grand Prix for the Best Photo Report Project, dealing with the topic of development. Prize : 15,000 € to make the report + publication in Polka Magazine + exhibition(s) at Maison européenne de la photographie in Paris and a tour.
  2. AFD / Libération Special Prize for the Best Photo Report, report made between 1 January 2015 and 31 October 2016. Prize : 5,000 €
  3. AFD / Nikon Prize for the Best Multimedia Work. Prize : a D500 digital SLR camera and an AF-S 16-80 mm DX lens (worth 3,600€)




► Timeline [+]

•    June 14th 2016 : AFD Photo Contest opens for entries
•    November 2nd : Final day to enter the 2016 AFD Photo Contest
•    December 13th : Winners’ awards ceremony at the Maison européenne de la photographie.




► Partners [+]

► Winners of AFD Photo Contest, 2015 edition [+]


  • Grand Prix AFD/Polka for the Best Photo Report Project : Johann Rousselot  for "Delhi 21" 



© Nicolas Moulard

► Find out more


  • AFD/Libération Special Prize for the Best Photo Report : Olivier Jobard for "Balkans Transit"



  © Olivier Jobard

 ►   Photo report 


  • AFD/Nikon Prize for the Best Web Documentary : Vlad Sokhin for "Crying Meri"


  © Vlad Sokhin

►   Web Documentary

►    Movie




► Winners of AFD Photo Contest, 2014 edition [+]


  • AFD / Polka Grand Prix for the Best Photo Report Project
    Massimo Berruti, “Drops. Water crisis in Gaza and the West Bank”





  • AFD / Réponses Photo Special Prize for the Best Photo Report
    Romain Laurendeau, “Sidi Moussa”



 Crédit © Romain Laurendeau / Hans Lucas.


  • AFD / Nikon Prize for the Best Web Documentary
    Team Project « ReBuilding Haiti ». Florent Maurin / The Pixel Hunt, Jean Abbiatteci, Perceval Barrier, Pierre Morel, Gilles Boisson, Bérénice Froger. Photographer – Pierre Morel.




 Crédit © Pierre Morel

Voir le Web-documentaire

► Winners of AFD Photo Contest, 2013 edition [+]

  • The AFD Nikon Award for the Best Web Documentary : Cédric Gerbehaye for “Broken Hopes” (West Bank)


@ Cédric Gerbehaye


  • The AFD Special Award for the Best Photo Report : Gaël Turine for “La Clôture de la honte” / “The fence of shame” (India/Bangladesh)


@ Gaël Turine


  • The AFD Polka Grand Prix for the Best Photo Report Project : Marie Dorigny for “Main basse sur la terre” / “Land grabbing”

@ Marie Dorigny for Agence Française de Développement


► Winners of AFD Photo Contest, 2012 edition [+]

  • AFD Canon Award for the Best Web Documentary: Laurent WEYL for « Squatteurs, soyez les bienvenus ! » (“Squatters are welcome!”)


© Laurent Weyl


  • AFD Award for the Best Photo Report: Patrick WILLOCQ for « Sur la route de Bikoro à Bokonda » (“On the road from Bikoro to Bokonda”)


© Patrick Willocq


  • AFD Polka Award for the Best Photo Report Project on a development topic: Alain BUU, for « Inde, surpopulation et manque d'eau » (“India, overpopulation and water scarcity”)


© Alain Buu for Agence Française de Développement

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