[Infography] The results of the action of AFD in 2013

► Fighting Poverty and Inequality [+]

Reducing poverty and inequality are core objectives for AFD. These objectives are also crucial components of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
They require long-term vision and support if they are to contribute to the productivity and upward mobility of the poor in developing countries: good nutrition and health, access to quality healthcare, education and training, and private sector economic growth.

► Supporting Economic Growth [+]

Supporting Economic Growth

Economic growth is essential for generating employment and the resources necessary for economic development and poverty reduction. AFD projects in developing countries and Overseas France support this growth by offering a wide range of financial tools that are tailored to the needs of economic stakeholders. In particular, AFD and Proparco focus on financial intermediation, making it easier for local businesses to obtain financing.

► Meeting Common Development Challenges [+]

In addition to its traditional objectives of reducing poverty and supporting economic growth, AFD has taken on the challenge of preserving “global public goods”–a crucial task in both the developed and developing worlds. To meet this increasingly important mission, AFD finances projects that address issues such as global warming, the degradation of tropical forests, and the protection of fragile and post-crisis countries.

Last update in December 2014

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