AFD Research Programs

Development aid and Anthropology
Socio-anthropological analysis: What support for development assistance?
Macroeconomic analysis and country risk
Identify the long-term growth trajectories of the countries and detect their related economic and financial vulnerabilities
Development assistance and Biodiversity: What strategies for the environmental turning point?
Sustainable urban development
What are the impacts of climate change on urban territories?
Education, training and employment
What are the specific issues of the evaluation of learning achievements and education financing?
Environment, energy, space and economy (4E)
We need to rethink energy production and consumption methods
Financing for development
Financing development first and foremost means assisting development actors
Trade and Markets Regulation
What information must be produced for what analyses? What information can we have confidence in, who must produce it, have ownership of it?
Instability of agricultural prices
How households adapt to price crisis?
The Commons
A form of collective governance
Measuring development
“Stat4dev” Program aims to question the existing measurements and conduct further research on alternative development indicators.
Optimizing the developmental impact of remittances and supporting the productive investment of migrants
Changing World of Aid
The world of Development Assistance has experienced profound changes over the past 20 years. How?
Models for the French overseas territories
Give a better understanding of the dynamics at work in the overseas economies and societies
Social Protection
How to define and finance a social protection floor? What does “universality” mean in terms of social protection?
Health and population
The issues involving innovative health financing and reducing risks related to illness and old age
Food and nutrition security
The factors of food insecurity and security, both on the supply and demand side

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