Macroeconomic analysis and country risk

By Vincent Caupin

© Nils Devernois for AFD
© Nils Devernois for AFD

AFD’s analyses of development macroeconomics and country risk concern both diagnostics of the countries where AFD operates and crosscutting themes related to the economic development process.

The aim of the country diagnostics is to identify the long-term growth trajectories of the countries studied and, at the same time, detect the related economic and financial vulnerabilities. Consequently, these studies address the growth potential of economies, the soundness of their financial system, the state of their public finances, the modalities of their external financing and, when appropriate, the socio-political vulnerabilities that are likely to have an impact on macroeconomic and financial balances. Recent studies are available on India, Ghana, Morocco, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and Cameroon.

The crosscutting macroeconomic analyses of development focus on issues of a macroeconomic nature that are related to the development process and relevant for the preparation of AFD’s strategies for operations.

► Emerging countries and financial globalization: Break or continuity?

► Growth and Employment in South and East Mediterranean Countries: Do Labour Productivity Gains Play a Role in Job Creation?

► Euro-Med Growth and Trade Integration: can we talk of a cost of the non-Mediterranean?

► Export diversification in the franc zone: its extent, sophistication and dynamics

These are a few examples of the research conducted on development macroeconomics.

The MacroDev collection aims to present the results of this research on development macroeconomics.

Last update in September 2014

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