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Change of status under French law


Subsequent to the request of AFD to the banking supervision authorities to modify its status under French law from credit institution to “société de financement”, on june 30th 2017, the European Central Bank has approved the modification. From this day forward, the status of AFD is « société de financement ».


This change does not affect the EPIC status (Public industrial and commercial institution) under French law. All AFD’s missions and objectives remain unchanged with the support of the French State.



New initiative for refugee populations from the Middle East


AFD has launched an initiative in the Middle East subregion called “Refugees, Resilience and Reconstruction”. The aim is to contribute to developing sustainable solutions for both refugee populations and host communities, so that effective projects can be implemented in this unstable and sensitive context.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict and Iraqi crisis in 2011, over 5 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and Iraq, and there are also some 250,000 Iraqi refugees. In addition, there are almost 6 million internally displaced persons in Syria and 3 million internally displaced persons in Iraq.

This massive influx has put a strain on social cohesion, the capacity for resilience and institutions in the societies of the countries concerned, especially at local level, where the settlement of refugees puts substantial pressure on essential public services.

Syria and Iraq have been suffering from massive destruction for several years. One of the major challenges for long-term stabilization in the region will involve the reconstruction capacity in terms of infrastructure, support for governance and social cohesion, both at central and local level in these two countries, when the situation allows this.

Throughout these countries, international donors and organizations are faced with complex situations in their efforts to best meet the needs of populations, while taking a development approach. It is also necessary to preserve or restore social cohesion between displaced and host populations, especially by promoting the economic and social integration of vulnerable populations. Finally, it is essential to involve local actors and civil society, while working in the context of national policies.

AFD’s aim with the “Refugees, Resilience and Reconstruc tion” Middle East Initiative is to contribute to implementing sustainable solutions in the countries concerned by the crisis: waste management, drinking water and electricity supply, healthcare services, along with the renovation of transport networks and housing, are the main lines of work. Education and training are equally essential in order to promote the economic and social integration of populations.

The implementation of this initiative demonstrates the scaling up of France’s commitment announced by Laurent Fabius in February 2016 during the donor conference in London, which aimed to ease the pressures and tension in neighboring countries caused by the crisis. This initiative is also characterized by the aim of taking action throughout the hotbed of crisis and not only country by country.



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