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Arab Spring: what role for social demands?

What was said during the seminar organized by AFD and the Political Societies Analysis Fund on 1 February? The aim was to compare researchers’ views with those of actors of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania. Video interviews and images of the meeting.  


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Médipôle: New Caledonia's future referral hospital

On 31 January, the New Caledonia Hospital Center and AFD signed a €40 million loan agreement to partially fund the future Médipôle hospital in Koutio. This project – one of the largest hospital construction sites in France – aims to group together the current hospital’s services on one site.

Drinking water and sanitation, major development challenges

Over 300 new drinking water points in Togo's villages

On 19 January, AFD took part in the official ceremonies to hand over water facilities in the villages of Datcha and Gbadjahe. These facilities have been financed by the Togolese Government under a village water project in the Plateaux Region.

Restructuring the water system in Jodhpur, India

This flagship project for the State of Rajasthan to reorganize the water network in the City of Jodhpur will reduce the severe water shortages. It will contribute to improving living conditions for residents and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by introducing major energy efficiency measures.

6th World Water Forum

Time for solutions

30,000 people are expected in Marseille from 12 to 17 March. Five days of conferences, meetings, roundtables, films...


There will be no sustainable development as long as water issues have not been resolved. The right to water (recognized by 189 States at the UN a year ago) must be implemented all over the world. The aim of the 6th World Water Forum is to meet the challenges facing our world and to take action to put water at the top of political agendas.



La situation foncière en Afrique à l'horizon 2050

A Savoir 11 - Alain Durand-Lasserve and Étienne Le Roy, "Land and Development" Technical Committee


A late demographic transition, an increasing pressure on the land, a complex implementation of a land governance and of a sustainable management of natural resources are amongst the challenges related to land in Sub-Saharan Africa. In future decades, will the farmers face as many difficulties to live off their land? And will the urban population find it increasingly difficult to get decent housing? This study tries to bring some answers to these crucial questions, and others, based on the analysis of the past and current trends in land usage in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ma classe solidaire

The solidarity economy awareness-raising kit created by Babyloan for secondary school teachers


"With ‘Ma Classe Solidaire’, I can raise my pupils’ awareness of the solidarity economy and sustainable development and at the same time ask them if they want to get actively involved.” The “Ma Classe Solidaire” (Solidarity at School) kit has been designed and written in consultation with lower and upper secondary school teachers. It provides a new approach to sustainable development by addressing economic and social topics, which are often dealt with less than that of the Environment and yet they are just as essential.

Supporting the agro-industry sector in Egypt

In the current political and economic climate, Egypt has huge investment needs. Proparco is supporting the agro-industry company WADI, which supplies top-quality food products to the local market.