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Benin, Health, Hospital
To celebrate more than six decades of action in Bénin, AFD in Cotonou organized a large photo exhibit in November. These images tell part of the story of those devoted to improving the lives of Bénin's men, women and children, in work that ranges from daily challenges to long-lasting human adventures.

Photos : © Stéphane Brabant / AFD

The new classrooms of Golo-Djigbé-Anciennes in the South of Bénin. AFD is financing the construction of and supplies for more than 1,000 classrooms, allowing 60,000 students to remain at school. These projects also encourage parental involvement. 


The maternity ward of a hospital in Dassa, in the south of Bénin. AFD has helped reduce child and maternal mortality, a major problem in Bénin, with 50 hospitals and health clinics equipped, 2500 healthcare workers trained, and 48,000 blood bags supplied. 


Aerial view of lakes
Life in a lake environment requires a capacity for resilience and adaptation. In work carried out by AFD alongside the Beninese government, the Calavi pier in the south of Bénin promotes income-generating activities.


Power station
Only 40% of Beninese households have access to electricity. AFD has devoted almost half of its engagements in Benin to promoting renewable energy, and to modernizing and expanding distribution networks, as well as improving the national electricity company’s performance.


start-up class
Through the Afric’innov fund, AFD backs Beninese business incubators and innovation centers like EtriLabs. More than 50 start-ups have been supported, with 60 women trained in entrepreneurship.