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Work, employment, factory, Uganda
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The Wednesday 03 April 2019
AFD, Paris
Closely linked to the ongoing transitions (demographic, institutional, territorial, but also energetic and digital), the world of work is constantly changing within its resources, its means and the types of interaction that it induces. How do work relations contribute to the evolving social contract? How can individuals thrive in the world of work? How can governments and institutions intervene to support different forms of work?
With all their diversity and specificities, countries from the Global South question the way work is conceived and organized.

Renewing the institutions in the world of work seems more important than ever to strengthen social cohesion and social justice, reduce vulnerabilities and avoid skills polarization. Which type of work relations should be promoted in the future? How to ensure the adequacy and relevance of existing legal, institutional and social frameworks? How to strengthen or put in place programs which guarantee decent work? There are many challenges and opportunities to seize.
What do the countries from the Global South teach us about this? To better explore these questions, the AFD is delighted to invite experts from the academic world and international organizations (FAO, ILO, OECD and World Bank) to contribute to this day of exchange and debate, which will take place in English.

This conference will focus on three themes, crucial for developing and emerging countries:

  • The role and characteristics of a renewed social contract;
  • The analysis of informality, its vulnerabilities and potentials in the world of work;
  • The characteristics of social protection and employment support measures for decent work.

Download the conference detailed program

when ?
Wednesday 03 April 2019
where ?
AFD, Paris
Head of the Social Policy Unit, ILO
Director of the 2019 World Development Report, World Bank
Youth Decent Rural Employment Specialist
Head of the Social Cohesion Unit – OECD Development Centre
Director of the Labor and Workforce Development Program
Director of the 2019 World Development Report, World Bank

Location of the event

Le Mistral - AFD
3 Place Louis-Armand