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Initiatives Mangroves, biodiversity
The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) has launched the Mangroves Initiative, a platform for research and exchanges on the restoration of mangroves and their essential role as a Nature-Based Solution (NBS).

Mangroves are an ecosystem that develops along protected coasts in tropical and subtropical areas. The flora they host is not very diversified – it is mainly composed of mangrove trees – but they have a wealth of fauna. In this respect, they are of paramount importance for the food and development of communities living nearby. They also play a major role in mitigating the impacts of climate change: they are both a defence against the violence of storms and a carbon sink.

The degradation of mangroves is a cause for global concern. 

Pooling of good practices 

For the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the Mangroves Initiative involves developing exchanges of experience between projects to protect and regenerate mangrove coasts, promoting scientific knowledge and building on achievements. The Initiative focuses on four projects supported by FFEM in the Philippines, Costa Rica and West Africa. 

It is based on a group of experts composed of project initiators involved in conservation and national and international mangrove experts. This group of experts has a mission to foster cross-capitalization, support scientific and technical monitoring, promote innovation, validate the content of the initiative and participate in its development.  

The Mangroves Initiative considers mangroves as a “Nature-Based Solution (NBS)”. NBS are solutions based on nature and ecosystems to provide responses to global challenges such as climate change or natural risks.