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Séminaires de l'économie du climat 2019
Would you like to deepen your knowledge about climate change policies and the low-carbon transition? Are you a PhD student in ecological economics or a similar area of specialization? The 2019 Workshops on climate economics are for you! The event will take place on 10-12 July in AFD’s headquarters in Paris.

The team in charge of GEMMES of Agence Française de Développement organizes a series of workshops specialized in climate economics integrating the theoretical aspects linked to the transition to a low-carbon and resilient economy. The seminars are intended for PhD students in economics or a similar background. The event will take place on 10-12 July in AFD’s headquarters in Paris.

GEMMES’ mission is to contribute to the dialogue of national and international public policy related to adaptation to climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy. The workshop will consist of an introductory seminar; four country (GEMMES’ partners) seminars; four hot topics seminars  and one round table entitled “what does it mean to think of an economy in 2050?”.  A keynote lecture will be given by Guillaume Pitron, specialist in rare metals.

GEMMES apllication
The GEMMES application


The program is intended for PhD students, but will consider Master students based on the applicant’s background and desire to pursue a research career, academic or otherwise.
Applications should include a motivation letter and a CV (1 page each). The selection will be based on the applicant’s background (preferably on economics and/or related disciplines) and the relevance of the Workshop’s objectives with respect to the latter. 

Application deadline: Please submit your application by email no later than May 20th to reyesl@afd.fr

There are no tuition fees, but acceptance does not cover other forms of expenses (the program does not cover expenses such as housing or transportation)

Accepted applicants will receive a notification by June 20th.