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On the sidelines of the London Initiative organised by Jordan and the DfID, this Thursday 28 February 2019, Philippe Bauduin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of AFD, in the presence of Ms Agnès Pannier Runacher, Deputy Minister at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, signed with Ms Mary Kawar, Minister for Planning and International Cooperation, a memorandum of understanding renewing AFD's support for Jordan and committing €1 billion over the period 2019-2022.

AFD has been present in Jordan since 2006 and is one of the country's main bilateral partners with €1.6 billion of funding. Its interventions are aligned with Jordanian authorities' development strategies and have a twofold goal.

AFD is supporting sustainable and fair growth in Jordan by helping it to manage its structural  constraints (scarcity of water, energy dependency, landlocked location), to modernise its institutional framework and to develop economic activity and employment. Its actions are also aimed at strengthening the resilience of Jordanian society by focusing on the most vulnerable host and refugee populations.

The funding provided by AFD takes the form of concessional loans, both for public policy support and projects, as well as grants. It is focused on a number of sectors: water and sanitation (45%), energy transition (25%), urban development (24 %) and social cohesion (justice and youth vocational training).

The memorandum of understanding signed for the next four years reasserts these strategic and sector orientations. 

Press contact: 

Lou Bachelier-Degras – bachelierdegrasl@afd.fr