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Agriculture Africa
French technologies and knowhow featured at the International Agricultural Fair in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire from November 22 to December 1st. AFD and CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, participated in a series of panel discussions on a sustainable agriculture that is innovative and resilient to climate change. Among the themes tackled at the International Agricultural and Animal Resources Fair: “Intelligent agriculture and technological innovations – what prospects for African agriculture?” The talks are surely planting seeds for fruitful collaborations in 2020.

Coordinated by Business France, along with some sixty other public and private stakeholders, Agence française de développement and CIRAD participated in the international “salon” on innovative agriculture. The overriding theme: “Invest and innovate for sustainable family farming”.

CIRAD and AFD were among a host of French public, private and civil society actors to bring best practices to the international forum. The program below highlights the experiences and initiatives of those working in the field to promote sustainable agriculture and agro-ecological transition in West Africa. 

November 23 was dedicated to French agriculture, starting with an official opening by Didier Guillaume, Minister for Agriculture and Food. 

Themes included: 

“Agriculture and agri-food: agro-ecological transitions and innovations” 

  • Agro-ecology, intelligent and innovative agriculture 
  • Training and development measures for a successful agro-ecological transition
  • Sectors and companies to lead the agro-ecological transition
  • Quality of agricultural products: Protected geographical indications, traceability in industry, product certification 

Tuesday, November 26
Led by the Ministry for Water and Forests of Côte d’Ivoire: 
“Support for zero-deforestation agricultural sectors”

What has come of projects supporting the development of zero-deforestation agricultural sectors?

Sunday, November 24
Digital agriculture: what digital tools could modernize agriculture? 

Monday, November 25
Fair trade: experiences and prospects in Côte d’Ivoire and West Africa 

Wednesday, November 27 
Geographical monitoring of deforestation and traceability tools for agricultural production

Thursday, November 28 
Support for regional pastoral livestock: pasture and water management, conflict prevention

November 25 and 26 
“Entrepreneurship fighting malnutrition” - a symposium organized by Fondation Avril 

November 27 
Action-research for innovation in agriculture 

November 28
A field trip north of Anyama featured cocoa plantations whose high productivity is due to local innovations fostered by villagers, such as the use of organic fertilizers.