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LeAD Campus 2019
For the 4th consecutive year, LeAD Campus is launching its recruitment drive for high-potential Africans. Entrepreneurs, executives or managers from the private, public and associative sectors, LeAD Campus is perfect for you!
The deadline for applications is January 31, 2019.

Why LeAD Campus? Because today, Africa is now, more than ever, an important issue for the future! Investment projects continue to grow on the continent—one third of countries have growth above 6%. But the potential is in its human capital, which makes it vital to provide these human resources, men and women, the necessary skills to better handle opportunities of tomorrow. 

To meet these needs, Science Po Executive Education, University of Cape Town, the Institut Supérieur de Management de Dakar and the AFD developed the LeAD Campus 3 years ago. This training program aims to recruit 35 high potential individuals from across Africa, working with them to develop their vision, skills, businesses and capacity to innovate. This accelerated 6-month training program, compatible with ongoing professional activities, allows the participants to develop not only their leadership but also reinforce their understanding of business fundamentals in the African context. 

Through support provided by a professional mentor and meetings with experts throughout the program, participants learn to better manage the arrival of new inclusive economic models, specific to the continent, and develop their projects in a coherent way. 

Apply for the LeAD Campus 2019

From April to September, the participants, each with their own profile, take part in online activities and three workshops/seminars in Cape Town, Dakar and Paris. The pedagogical process is centred around key themes adapted to the continent—Leadership, Business and Social and Environmental Issues. Training combines high-level courses, practical exercises, experience sharing, site visits and inspiring meetings. LeAD Campus is also an opportunity to expand one’s network across the continent and speed career advancement. “This program allowed me to open up my horizons. I can use this input to improve my organisation’s work.” A. Coulibaly, Mali, LeAD Campus 2018. 


Now’s the time! Do you have 5 years of experience and you come from an African country? Apply for the LeAD Campus 2019 at http://www.afd.fr/fr/lead-campus-application (deadline for applications, January 31, 2019).

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