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The Sahel Alliance has officially been launched during the International Conference on the Sahel organized in Brussels on this 23 February. It will result in the implementation of over 500 projects and EUR 6bn of investments over the next five years.

The Sahel Alliance has officially been launched. On this 23 February in Brussels, France, Germany, the European Union, World Bank, African Development Bank and UNDP, joined by Italy, Spain and the UK, have officially launched this major joint force which aims to transform the Sahel region by 2022. 

Thanks to the EUR 6bn of investments mobilized over the next five years for the G5 Sahel member countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger), the members of the Sahel Alliance will implement over 500 projects related to six main development issues : youth employment, rural development and food security, energy and climate, governance, decentralization and access to basic services, and security. 

All these projects will be implemented rapidly, particularly in the most vulnerable areas, as the objective of the Sahel Alliance is clear : have an immediate impact on populations, in line with the priorities established by the G5 Sahel countries.

The Sahel Alliance aims to pool and coordinate the commitment of its partners. The projects concerned – the performance of which will be duly evaluated – have the sole objective of speeding up achievements in the field for the benefit of Sahelian populations, particularly in the most vulnerable areas.

Jean-Marc Gravellini, Head of the Sahel Alliance Coordination Unit

The membership of three new countries – Italy, Spain and the UK – in this unique initiative is a sign that development actors are mobilizing for the Sahel, a region threatened by insecurity and where there is a particularly high rate of poverty. 

The objective of the Sahel Alliance is to pool and coordinate, as never before, our common commitment for a prosperous, resilient, inclusive and dynamic Sahel region for its populations. Together, we are going to commit to specific objectives and innovate in our methods to ensure that there are tangible and sustainable impacts.

Rémy Rioux, Chief Executive Officer of AFD