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On the Ground

Toilets are Producing Energy in East Africa's Largest Informal Settlement

Around the world, some 3.5 billion people are living without safe toilets, and close to 1,000 children under five die every day due to a lack of sanitation facilities. Ahead of World Toilet Day this Sunday, we take a look at a system in Kenya that not only disposes of waste, but also provides sustainable forms of energy.
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Improving Access to Water and Sanitation for millions in Ethiopia

World Toilet Day on November 19 highlights the dangers of lacking sanitary facilities, and the search for sustainable solutions. With an estimated 419 million people practising "open defecation" worldwide, the need for access to clean, safe toilets for all is more urgent than ever. Which is why AFD is funding a number of initiatives, including two flagship projects in Ethiopia. One will provide 2.6 million people with improved, gender-sensitive sanitation facilities and the second will improve access to water for 1 million people in 45 towns.
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In brief

Young People learn to use Diplomacy to Defend Biodiversity

Simulation COP sensibilisation
In the approach to Cop28 in Dubai in two weeks, AFD has launched a new teaching kit on climate change, following on from its first kit focusing on biodiversity. This innovative experience gives students the opportunity to simulate the COP negotiation process, modeled on international talks, for insights into the complex underway.
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On the Ground

Helping Mexican Farmers Protect Coffee Crops and Improve Quality

Café Mexique
Mexico's Chiapas state is famous for its coffee farms, but small farmers have to contend with a host of challenges, from pest control and the vagaries of global markets to the growing impact of climate change. Such difficulties adversely affect farmers’ crops and their livelihoods. AFD is supporting 3800 farmers in their effort to make coffee farming more sustainable.
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Mauritius: Africa’s First Multisport Olympic Academy to Train World Class Athletes

Sport Maurice
A grueling regime of close to four hours of training per day. Coaching in sports ranging from judo to soccer, as well as in nutrition and leadership. It’s all part of a program to train youngsters for high-level competition at Africa’s first multisport Olympic Academy in Mauritius. Less than a year from the 2024 Olympics, and as the Sport Impact Summit unfolds in Dakar, we discuss the program with Jean-Baptiste Gobelet, former French international rugby player and co-founder of the Academy.
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AFD News

Sport Impact Summit: Striving for Excellence with Sports and Development

Fencing and Restorative Justice Program
In the approach to the 2026 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar, Senegal’s capital city will also host the first ever sport and development summit on African soil. From November 5-7, the Sport Impact Summit will facilitate interaction between young people and top-level athletes, as well as a wide range of people involved in sports and development. The event will also explore the increasingly important links between the worlds of sports and development.
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Uzbekistan: more production, with less environmental impact

Mountain range in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan has launched a series of reforms to green its economy and ensure that it becomes a driver of growth, while limiting the environmental impact of development. A goal that was lauded by French President Emmanuel Macron and AFD Group CEO Rémy Rioux during their visits to the country. Two operational agreements were signed in the fields of the green economy and women's entrepreneurship, as well as an agreement encouraging technical cooperation. Vincent Caupin, AFD's Director for Central Asia, describes how AFD is supporting Uzbekistan’s new trajectory.
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School Canteens: Part of “the Biggest Social Protection Plan in the World”

Cantines scolaires
The first global meeting of the School Meals Coalition took place this week, as part of an urgent effort to improve school canteens and expand children’s access to regular, healthy meals. And as we find out in this interview with AFD experts in education, agriculture and development, the initiative is about far more than food.
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