Agreenfi: AFD Group’s agricultural and rural finance label

AFD Group promotes the mobilization of financial institutions in emerging countries to achieve productive and resilient agriculture, improve living conditions for rural populations and foster the sustainable structuring of rural territories.
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Provide actors in rural areas in developing and emerging countries with access to appropriate and sustainable financial services, as well as customized technical assistance, this is the objective of AGREENFI. How? By encouraging local financial institutions to take action for the reduction of territorial inequalities and shared growth, while transforming their practices to promote a more sustainable development model.


The development of the agricultural and rural sector is essential in achieving global objectives for reducing inequalities and protecting populations against economic shocks, especially in the context of current climate change. This sector is also a major source of economic growth for most low-income countries, where a significant proportion of GDP and employment rely on agriculture.

Agreenfi, logoHowever, the agriculture and rural sector has a limited capacity to generate growth and reduce inequalities if the actors in this ecosystem do not have access to financial services tailored to their needs: credit, payment, savings, insurance…

Access for rural actors to formal financial services is essential for making the investments required for the development of their activity, but also for managing risks and improving their resilience capacity. The impacts of climate change also penalize agricultural production and increase the risks of food insecurity, which encourages actors to take actions to strengthen the resilience of territories. As agricultural activity, the exploitation of forests and changes in land use are responsible for a significant share of climate change, financing sustainable practices and preserving natural resources will contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Integrated and customized range of services

AGREENFI supports the transformation of the practices of partner financial institutions to promote financing for economic activities, including agricultural activities, in rural areas. These activities mainly focus on family farms, producers’ organizations, cooperatives, as well as microenterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thanks to a range of financial services tailored to the needs of local financial institutions, as well as customized institutional and technical assistance, AGREENFI also supports the implementation of local public policies for agriculture and rural territories. The ultimate objective is to facilitate access to appropriate financial services and technical, financial and management assistance for rural and agricultural actors. AGREENFI thereby stimulates the development of productive agricultural activities and their integration into value chains, basic services and non-agricultural income-generating economic activities. 

AGREENFI is based on four main operating methods which increase and improve the local range of services (tailored to the specific nature of agricultural and rural activities) and reduce risks for actors who contribute to financing the sector. The four methods are as follows: 

  • Appropriate financial resources for local financial institutions 
  • A risk-sharing mechanism for financial institutions
  • Support for capacity building for financial partners and actors in the agricultural and rural sector
  • A possible investment grant mechanism for project initiators. 


Eligibility criteria

AGREENFI can support different categories of financial partners and themes related to the development of the agricultural and rural sector, provided a number of criteria are met:

Financial institutions

  • Public and private banks
  • Microfinance institutions 
  • Specialized financial institutions 

Thematic areas and operations 

  • Financing of small and medium-sized farms (particularly family farms or cooperatives)
  • Financing of fishing
  • Financing of the processing and development of agricultural products and value chains
  • Financing of sustainable practices (climate, biodiversity, water, soil, etc.)
  • Financing of the forestry/sustainable timber sector
  • Financing of economic activities in rural areas: basic services, non-agricultural income-generating economic activities

Range of services

  • Medium-term credit
  • Long-term credit
  • Short-term credit, on a case-by-case basis
  • Guarantees


AGREENFI has been supporting the development of the practices of financial actors and helping countries address development challenges since 2008. 64 projects and EUR 682m have been committed for sustainable investments to:

  • Promote access for rural actors to financial services and thereby allow them to protect themselves against economic shocks
  • Develop non-agricultural economic activities in rural areas and support the processing of agricultural products
  • Support the structuring of sectors and contract farming
  • Help agribusinesses upgrade to health standards 
  • Promote the protection of natural resources, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Assist actors in sustainable forest management 

By ensuring the viability of production systems and developing productive agricultural practices, AGREENFI contributes to reducing vulnerabilities and to improving incomes and living conditions for rural populations. The program also helps the agriculture sector strengthen its resilience to climate change by its contribution to preserving ecosystems and building its adaptation capacities.

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