Bid invitations

There are two types of bid invitation for our activity: contracts awarded by the beneficiaries of our financing and public procurement contracts awarded by AFD for its own account.
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Appels d'offres
AFD Bidding process

Bid invitations and procurement

At AFD, we control the proper use of our financing. To do so, we specify the general principles of our competitive bidding process to the contracting authorities which benefit from our financing, and we provide all the necessary model documents. We also offer an e-learning platform to enable our contracting authorities (and those backing them) to receive training on all the steps in the procurement process for contracts financed by AFD in foreign countries.
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AFD’s public procurement

AFD is subject to the public procurement rules provided for in the Public Procurement Code which entered into force on 1 April 2019. AFD’s contracts respect the principles of free access to public procurement, equal treatment of candidates and transparent procedures.

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