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3-year initiative benefiting 1,350 young local Jordanians and refugees, as well as their communities. Youth will be personally, professionally, and economically empowered through skills to gain meaningful employment in hospitality.

In the past 5 years, Jordan’s population has grown by 1 million, mostly refugees, and the country continues to face rapid population growth (2.8%/year). This is having a huge impact on the Jordanian labour market, affecting available jobs and job creation, wage levels, working conditions, and access to
basic services.

Unemployment is high among youth (36%), with over 75% of the population being under 35. Low salaries or the lack of incentives discourage youth from joining the market, with less than half (40%) of the working-age population participating. Young female unemployment is particularly striking at 56.5%. Conversely, private-sector employers continuously report difficulties in hiring work-ready employees for jobs that are already available, citing mainly inadequate technical, soft or life skills as barriers.

If provided with the right skills, young Jordanians and Syrian refugees could access the job market and become productive employees and business owners, contributing to boost economic growth and concomitant job creation.


The overall objective of this project, funded by France through the AFD, is to improve access to employment and economic opportunities in the hospitality sector for young Syrian refugees and Jordanians in Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun and Jerash.  360 unemployed Jordanians will improve their employability through blended softskills training including an online platform.

  • 360 Jordanian and Syrian youth will complete market-driven job training and placement in the hospitality sector.
  • 630 Syrian refugee women will be economically empowered through entrepreneurship training in hospitality.
  • 1,350 direct beneficiaries
  • 8,000 indirect beneficiaries

This enhancement of youth’s economic situation will trigger a ripple effect through which they will become real agents of change, thereby having a positive socio-economic impact not only on themselves and their families, but also on their communities.


On the labor market:

  • Companies will count on a pool of skilled, qualified, young talent to support their expansion and growth plans, helping them generate more jobs.
  • Newly created businesses by female entrepreneurs will grow and generate additional job opportunities.
  • Ultimately, a virtuous circle will be created that will help revive the Jordanian economy and set the path for sustainable growth.

For refugees:

  • Refugees will be personally and professionally empowered, promoting a positive change in their attitudes and self-esteem as well as their technical capacities.
  • For beneficiaries and their families, increased household income will help lift them out of poverty, and home-based businesses will generate room for employment growth among communities.
Project start date
Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun and Jerash
Financing tool
2 000 000
Financing amount
Jordan Education for Employment (JEFE)