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Improving the healthcare provision available in the country©Stefano Bianco/AFD
AFD supports the initiative of Aga Khan Health Services in Tanzania (AKHST) in order to improve its health network in Dar es Salaam and in the whole country. Key target for the population: a better access to health care and specialized health services (cardiology and oncology in particular).

The health sector in Tanzania faces important challenges: life expectancy at birth reaches barely 59 years and the human resources gap is estimated at 40%.

The country has been experiencing an epidemiologic transition with a significant increase in non-communicable diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart diseases), particularly in urban areas. Those are estimated to cause nearly 46,000 deaths per year and this figure is likely to double by 2030.

Despite the efforts of the Government and the support from development partners, the public health care system struggles to meet the growing demand in health services, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The Aga Khan Development Network (Aga Khan Health Services Tanzania - AKHST) operates in Tanzania since the opening of its first clinic in 1929 in Dar Es Salaam. The Aga Khan Hospital in Dar Es Salaam, built in 1954 and whose capacity was increased in 2000, is a leading hospital in the country.


The Hospital will increase its surface area thanks to the construction of a new facility enabling to double the bed capacity from 74 to 170.

The development encompasses both a consolidation of existing services as well as introduction of new programs, which includes cardiology oncology neurosciences, critical care and advanced diagnostics.

27 outreach health centers will be built in Dar Es Salaam and countrywide. They will offer standard health services and propose a fee structure adapted to the location and the financial situation of the populations. Each facility will have the same layout and design and will allow access to basic medical consultation and medical tests and examinations.

The Patient Welfare Program for needy populations at the hospital will be strengthened.

Partnerships will be developed with public hospitals in Dar es Salaam and with French and international health institutions, particularly regarding human resources training and cardiology.


The purpose of the project is to improve the health of Tanzanian population by developing the Hospital of Dar es Salaam as a center of excellence and by expanding the health care offer of AKHST across the country.

. 25,000 additional patients benefiting from advanced health services;
. Increased access to diagnosis, care and specialized health services in the country;
. Increased partnership with Government Hospitals through PPP by strengthening referrals of standard quality and providing access to environmental initiative for clinical waste disposal;
. Developed human resources in the health sector.


Project start date
Project end date
15 years
Duration of funding
Dar es Salaam
53 500 000
Financing amount
Aga Khan Health Services Tanzania (AKHST)