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Modernization of the integrated solid waste management in the City of Samarkand
With its first project in the country, AFD supports the implementation of an integrated plan covering the whole waste cycle. The focus is on fighting climate change, strengthening local capacities and raising awareness of the population on the issues related to waste management, in line with the national strategy for Waste management adopted in 2019.

In Samarkand, the second largest city in the country, the efforts undertaken by the municipality over the past few years to modernize equipment and improve waste management remain insufficient. While the city continues to expand,collection rate is still low, dumping sites remain uncontrolled, the municipal landfill doesn’t meet current environmental standards and the informal sorting process doesn’t allow waste recycling.

If they are not addressed, these deficiencies can lead to significant environmental degradation and represent a risk for public health. To overcome them, solid waste management sectoral reforms have been initiated at a national level. The project implemented in Samarkand is a part of this dynamic.


The project aims at implementing an efficient and sustainable integrated waste management, in line with international standards. More specifically, it aims at: 

  • Improving waste collection, disposal and recycling through the acquisition of collect vehicles, modernization of collect points, construction of a new landfill in form of a bioreactor
  • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases generated by the decomposition of waste  through the collect and valorization of landfill gas
  • Strengthening  institutional, financial and operational  capacities of the local authorities
  • Raising population’s awareness on environmental and sanitary issues related to waste  management. 

The project will contribute to the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity. It will help decrease water and soil pollution and will have a positive impact in terms of reduction of atmospheric emissions, through the implementation of a modern system of waste management and the construction of gas recovery and treatment infrastructures. It will also contribute to improve population’s living conditions and health situation, by avoiding uncontrolled dumping sites and reducing disparities in the collection service among neighborhoods. With the strengthening of the solid waste management sector, the city of Samarkand can play an important role by inspiring other cities in the country.

Project start date
31 500 000
Financing amount
Republic of Uzbekistan
European Union

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.